Saturday, 27 October 2018

Buffalo's pervert protector Malone about to be outed on 60 minutes!

(WIVB) - The woman who claims to have copied hundreds of incriminating documents from Bishop Malone's secret archives is coming forward. 
Siobhan O'Connor, Malone's former executive assistant, will speak to 60 Minutes this Sunday night at 7 p.m. 
60 Minutes will reveal what the documents she copied show. 
According to, O'Connor accuses him of withholding the names of dozens of priests with sex abuse accusations against them from a report released last March. 
"Hundreds of documents O'Connor secretly copied from the confidential files of the Diocese of Buffalo offer an extraordinary window into Bishop Malone's decisions about priests accused of abuse. The devout O'Connor professes love for her church and her bishop. But she says she left the diocese last summer after three years because the documents she discovered indicated the bishop had allowed the accused priests to continue in ministry. "The reality of what I saw left me with no other option because at the end of my life, I'm not going to answer to Bishop Malone, I am going to answer to God," she tells Whitaker."
"I did betray [Bishop Malone], and yet I can't apologize for that, because there was a greater good to consider," says O'Connor.
Whitaker also interviews Deacon Paul Snyder of the Buffalo Diocese. He is the first clergyman of the diocese to call for Bishop Malone's resignation. The information exposed by O'Connor enraged him. "[Bishop Malone] is behaving in a way that you would typically think a CEO in a corporation that's being accused of corrupt practices might act, hiding behind attorneys," he says. Some of the documents O'Connor found were prepared by the dioceses' attorneys.
Since calling for Bishop Malone to step down, he has received 400 notes and emails. "They want to be part of the solution but they think this bishop is preventing that," says Deacon Synder.
60 Minutes has learned that the Buffalo diocese is under investigation by federal authorities. Bishop Malone declined to be interviewed by 60 Minutes.


Aqua said...

Mrs. O'Connor's poignant comment represents the dilemma we all face in this modern day Church Of Sardis (Rev 3: 1–3): what do we do when the Fathers we must obey as children of the Church, lead us with them to hell?

"... because at the end of my life, I am not going to answer to Bishop Malone, I am going to answer to God".

I have answered this question of inner conflict by placing my obedience not within any one living man, be he Priest, Bishop, Pope. I place my obedience to God through His Church in the long line of faithful Priests, Bishops, Popes who have ever lived since Christ.

The Catholic Church is not about individuals and personalities and bright, new ideas. It is not about a living Bishop or Pope with personal agendas and power trips. It is about Christ and the straight line of faithful, all saying the same perfect things that point us the way to our Lord.

Mrs. O'Connor speaks for me in that quote above. I look to God alone. I pray my Church will repent and return one day to God alone. She has taken bold steps on behalf of Christ's Holy Bride.

TLM said...

A very courageous woman. Thanks for the heads up Vox....we will be watching. They are also interviewing Deacon Snyder of the Buffalo Diocese. I thank God for these courageous people who are blowing the whistle. Catholics that are 'in the know' about any kind of abuse need to come forward, be they clergy or laity. Obviously there have to be many people in the know that are maybe afraid to come forward, but if they would just realize that there is safety in numbers. And most importantly to place themselves under the Mantle of Our Blessed Mother is the safest place to be. She will absolutely protect her children! All the demons can handle is a 'glance' from her and they flee, just as what happened with the demon harassment of St. Bernadette at Lourdes. The Blessed Mother glanced at them out of the corner of her eye and puff..........GONE!

Anonymous said...

60 minutes is and always has been a disgusting tool of the fake news machine.

jac said...

Mrs O'Connor is the like of Archbp Vigano. She felt herself in conscience compelled to expose the corruption of the Buffalo diocese. But she was wiser than Vigano in taking copies of the most compromising documents before she began to speak.