Thursday, 11 October 2018

Bergoglio's Gay Synod - they're not even hiding it.


Ana Milan said...

They are going full throttle now - it's all or nothing for them & we must continue to pray that it's nothing. Three disastrous synods & another next February should spell the death knell for them. Cannot understand the silence from ++s Sarah, Burke, Brandmuller et al. They do a disservice to ++s Caffarra & Meisner by not addressing the Laity & informing them of what to do in this crisis. It is almost a year since they reneged on the promise of a formal correction & failed to tell us why. We have been since left without proper leadership from those reputedly standing with Christ. A shocking scenario but one that will end with Our Lady's promise that the pope(?) will consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart & Her Triumph will usher in the complete restoration.

Anonymous said...

The backdrop "scuplture" in the Paul VI Audienced Hall has always bothered me because it puts off a creepy, sinister vibe...well, i came across something that explains it. I tried to copy the image here but wasn't able to, hope this link works, if not then search " vatican audience hall left side mirror image"

And here's a lovely video of Jorge Bergoglio/PF bowing to and kissing the hands of H Kissinger, D Rockefeller, J Rothschild:

May it please God to confound the enemies of our souls and to convert them,

Kathleen1031 said...

haha, they sit in plain sight. Does anyone think it just coincidence you have a group of young people on the left with all rather colorless garb, then a veritable RAINBOW on the right? That is no accident, the tops are all similar, just different rainbow colors.

Bergolio et al are putting LGBT right out there on full display. Only Satan knows what is going to come out of this dog and pony "Youth Synod". Some of those "youths" look pretty seasoned. This fake church does not deserve one dime from any actual Catholic. This is a joke.

Lynda said...

Dear Ana, once again you well describe the abandonment and betrayal of the faithful by so many of the minority of bishops and priests who purport to still hold the doctrine of the Faith (the majority attack the Faith and morals publicly and pertinaciously, on a continual basis, and have done for many years, leading souls to hell) but who refuse to do their duty and warn the faithful about the evil being put out by Francis and others who apparently hold high office in institutions claiming to be of the Catholic Church. Have they no fear of God? They may not refuse to defend God and His Holy Laws, and protect souls from the damnation which comes from acquiescing to the apostasy, the heresies, the blasphemies and sacrileges and other most grave mortal sins promoted by Francis and all the other prelates who though not formally excommunicated, act as enemies of God and the Holy Faith. One could never have imagined the great apostasy would be so terrible in the universal deceit and diabolical denial of objective truth in Faith and morals, both explicitly and implicitly. Lord have mercy.