Monday, 6 November 2017

Poor widdle Jeffrey Sachs - did your widdle feelings get hurt when confronted with the truth?

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The only thing more disgusting than this Antichrist at a Vatican conference are the Catholic prelates and Pope who permitted this monster to be there.


World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs yells at Vatican reporter: ‘You’re disgusting’

ROME, November 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – “You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting, disgusting,” yelled world-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs in the hallowed halls of the Casina Pio IV in the heart of the Vatican Gardens. Sachs, the Columbia University professor whose monthly newspaper columns appear in more than 100 countries, was in a full rage, threateningly pointing his finger in the face of this reporter during his outburst. I sat there rather stunned but also, I must admit, somewhat intimidated since this man marches in echelons of power far above the top one percent he is so fond of disparaging.
A collaborator with George Soros, Sachs is known around the world as a guru on climate change, sustainable development -- and to pro-lifers -- population control and abortion. It is this pro-life concern that was the source of his rage. He was railing against me because of an article I wrote the previous day in which the headline referred to him as a “pro-abortion globalist.”


Ana Milan said...

Jeffrey Sachs yells at Vatican reporter: ‘You’re disgusting’.
No Mr. Sachs, it is you who are disgusting, along with your NWO colleagues promulgating abortion on demand,contraception, euthanasia, sodomy, climate change, depopulation agenda etc. You & your ilk are descended from the once chosen people who crucified the Messiah & are still intent on doing so by attacking His Bride with every known weapon you can put your fingers on, mainly by cultivating our corrupt prelates who themselves are Marxist exponents. But your days are numbered. None of satanic mischief is a match for Our Blessed Lady who has already prophesied that the pope will consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart & Her Triumph will then follow. I hope & pray to live to see that miracle &, by the reported incredible occurrences of late, I just might be lucky.

Anonymous said...

It's a disgrace - and yet all the prolifers continue to support the vatican through their local parishes.

Justina said...

It's hard to post a comment when Vox has pretty much said it all! Seems to me these thugs--Pope Francis included--can dish it out, but they can't take it.

Anonymous said...

First, Vox, I gotta say that you crack me up! "Poor widdle Jeffrey". :-)
Second, it's gonna get much, much worse and very, very fast. That's all these antiChrists have is their hate. And it's going to be used against true Christians to the max. To the max like never before, if the prophecies are correct. And I don't doubt they are.
But what's scariest is that the man who's seated himself on the Chair of Peter has these same kinds of hateful outbursts against faithful followers of Christ. He's just (for now) managed to keep them out of the public eye. And if a good polygraph operator tested the Bergoglio, he'd find that this "pope" is more a Sachs follower than a Christ follower.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jorge Bergolio, What a moron Sachs is!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Justina

You are correct.

The strong involuntary reaction to a different view on his population control agenda, tells me that he is fully convinced of purity of own motives. He has never had them questioned before.

How disgusting of pro-lifers to see actual babies, mothers, families, rather than terrifying statistics! The sky is falling!

These globalists, Bergoglio included, love everyone. They just can't stop loving the little people from the heights of their think tanks and conferences. They work every day on pushing around the cheap plastic chess pieces also known as useless eaters or human resources (for their highly humanitarian game of global justice), or strategically kill them for the greater good, and we!? - We are ungrateful.

How disgusting this is to a selfless, noble mind, we can not imagine.

Eirene said...

Jeffrey Sachs has been named and shamed! Exposed. Stripped naked. But AT LEAST no-one is slicing and dicing his body and selling bits of it for profit!
Proud Hypocrite - the Day of Wrath awaits us all, but the Judgement is eternal. Repent now - profoundly - while you have the option (God given, I might add), OR throw your lot in with the wicked and take the consequences! You are shouting now. Later on you may be screaming with pain in the Eternal Abyss - and none of your buddies will be able to lift a finger to help you then!

Michael Dowd said...

The worst part of all this is that Pope Francis is the sponsor. He, like Jeffrey, is a New World Order guy where people are the problem and the solution is to get rid of them especially those benighted folks who are pro-life. From this conference we can expect a reassessment of the Church's understanding what it means to be pro-life along with a consideration of methods to a achieve the new 'Global Pro-Life Initiative', e.g., contraception, abortion, euthanasia. In other words, death is the new solution to life. May God have mercy and hopefully intervene.

TLM said...

I'm agreeing with Vox...the only thing MORE disgusting than this guy are the Vatican officials permitting him to be there IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Talk about thoroughly DISGUSTING PEOPLE!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story. John Henry Westen said he was "stunned" but Sachs must have felt like he was hit by a stun gun. Obviously John Henry doesn't realize that the global class are in charge of the earth. The EARTH you fool! They are the global thinkers of global-conferences. They are experts in conference-speak. They tell us what the global language should be. That he doesn't know that population control is a euphemism for mass murder strips him down to his one inch depth -- reveals that he has roamed so far from truth that he is actually stupid. I bet no one has ever given the awesome Professor Sachs such an honest slapdown as John Henry did just by restating his language, his message, his ideas into plain English. John Henry shone light onto his 20-watt soul. Sachs is probably still stewing over this outrageous insult. : )


Anonymous said...

Typical. He cries out while he strikes you---to quote a Polish saying.

Johnno said...

HAhaha! I'd have loved to have been there! I'd have called him out to his face!

The Vatican could cancel my press pass for all I care, it'd have been worth it!

The Circus of Mercy and Dialogue is really something!

Turn the ridicule up to 11 folks, that's how you get at them!

Kathleen1031 said...

Wealthy people have deficits in real humility. The world exists for them and yields to their whims. Or else. This is a general truism.

I once was at a Wicca recruiting event at a university. I challenged the witch who was making her appeal to the students seated around her. An angelic looking young man, a Billy Idol look-alike, was seated next to her. He had a head full of the most beautiful blonde curls, very unusual. He had a sweet face. But when the witch was challenged, he leapt out of his chair, and that angelic face was filled with rage. Gone was the angelic expression. I left a bit shaken, and out in the car, I prayed that the blood of Jesus would cover me.

Osusanna said...

Speaking of faces of malice - the one in the picture at the top -
Heeeerrrs Jefffrey!

Anonymous said...

Don't take it too personally, John. He, Soros, Gates et al are just miffed because they will all have to pay more money to support global evils now that the Saudi arrests have dried up all the big funding. Expect Francisto be crabby and rude beyond his normal too.