Thursday, 2 November 2017

Capuchin Friar Thomas Weinandy states many clerics "fear" recriminations from the Church and immediately is proved correct by the USCCB!

In an unmerciful act, void of dialogue and encounter and administered in a most rigid manner by self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-Pelagians, Father Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M.Cap., was promptly sacked from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Having written (as in the post below) that...
"Many bishops are silent because they desire to be loyal to you, and so they do not express – at least publicly; privately is another matter – the concerns that your pontificate raises.  Many fear that if they speak their mind, they will be marginalized or worse."
...Cardinal DiNardo promptly sacked him displaying a act of merciless rigorism.

Wait, "or worse?" You mean, like "someone rid me of that meddlesome priest?" Hmmm, And then there were two, Dubia Cardinals....

Given that Friar Weinandy stated that...
"...faithful Catholics can only be disconcerted by your choice of some bishops, men who seem not merely open to those who hold views counter to Christian belief but who support and even defend them." can well imagine that Cupich, McElroy, Farrell and Tobin must have been on DiNardo like flies on dung after that one. I guess the truth hurts, eh boys?

On this matter, this was Tweeted out by Hilary White at 5:23 EDT today.

But nobody can say it like Father Hunwicke
This cheap and vulgar ritual humiliation exemplifies the extent to which PF is presiding over a bully-boy Church in which midget bishops and minicardinals compete to defeat each other in the sycophancy stakes. Just as Tom Weinandy has, in effect, just said.
I would ask Friar Weinandy to "keep up the good writing!"

Below is the text of DiNardo's cowardly ironic act.

It is such a joy to see these men squirm like worms on a hook. Their end is coming fast.

 Image result for cardinal dinardo usccb
“The departure today of Fr. Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap., as a consultant to the Committee on Doctrine and the publication of his letter to Pope Francis gives us an opportunity to reflect on the nature of dialogue within the Church.  Throughout the history of the Church, ministers, theologians and the laity all have debated and have held personal opinions on a variety of theological and pastoral issues. In more recent times, these debates have made their way into the popular press. That is to be expected and is often good.  However, these reports are often expressed in terms of opposition, as political – conservative vs. liberal, left vs. right, pre-Vatican II vs Vatican II.  These distinctions are not always very helpful.
Christian charity needs to be exercised by all involved. In saying this, we all must acknowledge that legitimate differences exist, and that it is the work of the Church, the entire body of Christ, to work towards an ever-growing understanding of God’s truth
As Bishops, we recognize the need for honest and humble discussions around theological and pastoral issues. We must always keep in mind St. Ignatius of Loyola’s “presupposition” to his Spiritual Exercises: “…that it should be presumed that every good Christian ought to be more eager to put a good interpretation on a neighbor’s statement than to condemn it.” This presupposition should be afforded all the more to the teaching of Our Holy Father.
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is a collegial body of bishops working towards that goal. As Pastors and Teachers of the Faith, therefore, let me assert that we always stand in strong unity with and loyalty to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who “is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful” (LG, no. 23).”


Anonymous said...

They don't want him around because he reminds them they are going against God's will and law. These are the same kind who removed the reference to homosexual sin from the Lectionary, why wouldn't they remove the good and faithful Fr. Thomas from the USCCB? Now their consciences won't bother them so much on their way to perdition. It's all about feeling good in sin, isn't it?????

Anonymous said...

Seems like they are following Judas to a T. Do what you must do quickly our lord said to Judas!

TLM said...

These effeminate, powder puff apostates are 'running scared' and God will spit them out of His mouth soon as look at them for their terrible betrayal to His Church. They spew their toxic fairy dust on the innocent and the ignorant leading souls to hell so that they can continue living like kings. They are so scared of having to give up their glorious life styles and status that they will spit in the face of Christ and the truth of His Church before they would even dare to defend Him against the ravenous wolves that are now tearing apart His Church and in charge of the hen house. They will end up on the very floor of HELL less they repent and fight for His Church like Militant Soldiers that Christ rightfully asks them to do. Oh wait!! That's right....they don't BELIEVE in Hell....well, they certainly will when they get there!!!

TLM said...

Oh and last but NOT LEAST....Pray for Fr. Weinandy and also the few Priests and Bishops we have left that will actually sacrifice themselves and defend Our Lord publicly against the wolves. KEEP THEM IN YOUR ROSARIES!!!!! Also, if you can work up the compassion, pray for the cowards that not only refuse to defend Christ, but sack anyone associated with them that will.

Michael Dowd said...

Here we have a perfect example of the Church today. One courageous clergyman asking God for a sign to speak truth to power vs the cowardice and lack of faith of the USCCB firing him for doing what God instructed him to do. Words fails to express the proper level of disgust for Bishop DiNardo and his like.

Osusanna said...

Ecumenical cardinal - let's talk nicey nice everybody, while I stomp on a faithful, troubled Catholic. DiNardo also let heretics have an "ordination" in a Catholic cathedral. Those heretics show any interest in becoming Catholic yet, or doesn't it really matter anymore? (BTW cardinal, Francis is not my "holy father".)

Brian said...

I wish there was another way to express my disgust at these men who call themselves bishops. There is nothing I can add that is new. That word "dialogue", that conciliar blank cheque, for any faith destroying Modernist novelty, makes me cringe. Seeds of on-going self destruction were planted at Vatican II. It seems that this process is irreversible. Bergoglio said: "There is no going back." These men responsible for the termination of Fr. Weinandy are hard core cheerleaders, in Jorge's camp. They are NOT going to change. Will there be a Church saving seismic shift to tradition and authentic Catholicism? If so it won't come from the bishops. Let us keep praying. One last should be bishops writing letters like those from Fr. Weinandy.

Archbishop Marcel Levebrve pray for us

susan said...

yep....DiNardo disappointed a long time ago.......pure, consummate politician. they've forgotten Who God is, and look at the Faith as a fairy tale; a nice way to keep the masses in check and make a nice living.

God will not be mocked.......for long.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Yes, they must stand for unity with the pope, who is a unifier and excludes no one, be it Judas or Satan. The black and white tiles in masonic loges are a perfect representation of talmudic unity and equality - whether we do good or evil, it is all the same. as it hastens the coming of their false Messiah. When will there be official apologies to the Masons, November?

Yes, there is someone who must be excluded, and the representation of His bold divisiveness must be removed from public spaces. We are watching it happen everywhere, including "offensive" WWI memorials.

Sodomites and satanists have found one use for the Holy Cross. Shall we pray that God will forgive them? I am not sure. We probably should, but it is hard.

Ana Milan said...

The list of CC persecuted faithful Catholics continues to grow with speed. Many of them we don't know, e.g. the countless priests who refuse Holy Communion to persistent & unrepentant sinners. They are suspended & maybe even disowned by their fellow-priests who are afraid to support them. The names I have noted to date for remembrance are:
Fr. Gallagher, Palm Beach (informing police of paedophile priest)
José Galat (excommunication at age 88 for upholding True Faith)
Josef Seifert

Added to these we have all the ProLife activists who are left bereft of support from the CC who are working to NWO Agenda of population control. The many targeted by LGBTQI activists who sue them for not being willing to comply with their 'orders' & get heavily fined (and even lose their livelihoods) for standing fast. Those who object publicly to Protestant services in Catholic Cathedrals/Churches & are ejected. Those who strive to get TLM promoted & stand against ecumenical sharing of Catholic Church premises & are against ecumenical services in their churches & are in PF's words rigid, hard-hearted, self-absorbed Promethean Neo-pelagians. Then there were those clerics overlooked for natural promotion & retired promptly while others are kept in place well after retirement age.

The day is fast approaching when our priests will say of faithful Catholics (out of demonic fear) - I do not know them.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Morphy

May God bless Fr. Weinandy. Each of us owe a debt of gratitude to him and to clergy like him who put themselves on the line by doing what others ought to do, but don't or won't.

Please pay for Fr.Weinandy and all of our faithful clergy. They need our material and spiritual support. Help them to realise that they are not alone.

And thank you to Vox for the informed update!

Peter Lamb said...

Great comments all, but don't be too quick to pray FOR these agents of satan. We are told to pray for OUR enemies - NOT for Christ's enemies.

"Have I not hated them, O Lord, that hated thee: and pine away because of thy enemies? I have hated them with a perfect hatred: and they are become enemies to me." Psalm 138:22.

Christ commands, "Love your enemies;" not those who hate God. (St. Augustine)

St. Thomas Aquinas:
To know whom to avoid is a great means of saving our souls. Thus the Church forbids the faithful to communicate with those unbelievers who have forsaken the faith by corrupting it, such as heretics, or by renouncing it, such as apostates.”

St. Cyril of Alexandria:
“It is unlawful, and a profanation, and an act the punishment of which is death, to love to associate with unholy heretics, and to unite yourself to their communion.”

St. Ignatius of Antioch:
If anyone walks according to a foreign doctrine, he is not of Christ nor a partaker of His passion. Have no fellowship with such a man, lest you perish along with him, even though he should be your father, your son, your brother, or a member of your family.”

Pope Innocent III:
It is impossible for us to hold communion after their death with those who have not been in communion with us during their life.

III Lateran Council:
“The accursed perversity of heretics has so increased that now they exercise their wickedness not in secret, but manifest their error publicly, and win over the weak and simple-minded to their opinion. For this reason, We resolve to cast them, their defenders, and their receivers under anathema, and We forbid under anathema that any one presume to help heretics or to do business with heretics. [ Wow! Imagine what they would say about an "una cum" mass!]

Council of Laodicea:
“We should anathematize heretics even after their death.”

II Council of Constantinople:
“Those who are members of the Church are not to be permitted to go into the cemeteries of any of the heretics for the purpose of prayer or veneration. If they do, they are to be excommunicated.”

Father Faber warned: "The crowning disloyalty to God is heresy. It is the sin of sins, the very loathsomest of things which God looks down upon in this malignant world. Yet how little do we understand of its excessive hatefulness!… We look at it, and are calm. We touch it and do not shudder. We mix with it, and have no fear. We see it touch holy things, and we have no sense of sacrilege… Our charity is untruthful because it is not severe; and it is unpersuasive, because it is not truthful… Where there is no hatred of heresy, there is no holiness."

Anonymous said...

Fr. Weinandy made one small mistake in his letter: addressing the recipient as "Your Holiness", since, by Canon Law, Bergolio cannot be the Pope. As for "DiNardo" - he doesn't have any, or else he would side with the good Father.

Johnno said...

Such benevolent Mercy tm and Dialogue tm shown to Fr. Wienandy.

I think this bishop just let the cat out of the bag that dialogue with the heathen involves in no way whatsoever confrontation of errors, lies and untruths.

According to these loonies, a middle eastern man running at them with red sticks across his chest, a trigger device upheld in his left had with a look of fury screaming Allahu Ackbar should be given "a good interpretation."

I think the best thing to do would be to stop accommodating the enemy and attempting to play on their playing field.

Let's just start stoning them in public. Start collecting rocks and sticks to break their bones because clearly dialogue isn't working.

Dan said...

It won't do anything, but I feel better after using the "contact us" button at the USCCB website...

Was just one word: COWARDS!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Kathleen1031 said...

If only I could address the entire episcopal body, every member of the USCCB, I would say to them, no matter what you say or do, no matter what cunning words you use, I will never follow you, nor your evil Protestantized Church.
I have a young family member who just expressed interest in Confirmation. How am I to explain to this child, that the Church is in schism, and we have two churches. As hard as it is, this is exactly what I will teach this young one, because he must know, lest he fall into the clutches of these clerical sellouts, these Judases, these prostitutes. How very quickly and easily they gave up the Gospel for worldly ease.

Michael Dowd said...

Kathleen 1031. Well said. In my rosary meditation today I thought that many of today's clergy could be considered Pontius Pilates. They sort of like what Christ says but sell Him out for fear of the crowd (today's Liberal world and Democrat politics); go along get along.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Kathleen, You have raised an extremely important point, which worries me tremendously regarding my grand children. How to tell them? You can't say the Church is in schism. One cannot be in schism from an anti-pope. I think just give him the facts straight out. Children assimilate facts much better than we may think. Explain what judeo-masons are, where they come from and what their aim is. They, after long preparation, have invaded the properties and Offices of the Church and set up a false church, which masquerades as the Catholic Church. They have occupied the castle and the real King has fled to the forests, with his loyal followers - just like St. Athanasius did when the Arians invaded the Church, and like the Catholics in England did when the protestants were persecuting them.

Now comes the hard part. Who is going to confirm him? It has to be a Bishop consecrated in the old rite. A NWO bishop is invalid - no sacrament.
Now comes the social exclusion. It cannot be with his mates in the local NWO church. Equate bergoglio with Hitler. You can't participate in Nazi rallies and then claim you are not a nazi. You cannot be "confirmed" by a nazi bishop, who swears allegiance to hitler, and then say you are not a nazi and if you are a member of the arian, (or ayrian), church, you cannot claim to be a Catholic.

It was tough for our forefathers in England. It will be tough for us and it will probably get a lot tougher, but if he bites on the bullet now and you get him properly confirmed, then the Bishop's clap on the cheek will make a soldier of Christ of him and then he will be able to take what comes his way.