Sunday, 5 November 2017

Cardinal Sarah: "No Inter-Communion between Catholics and non-Catholics."

The potential for open schism grows. Cardinal Sarah states clearly that Holy Communion is not to be given to Protestants!


by Matteo Orlando

Il card. Sarah: «Niente inter-comunione tra cattolici e non cattolici. È necessario essere cattolici»"Inter-communion is not allowed between Catholics and non-Catholics. It is necessary to confess the Catholic faith. A non-Catholic cannot receive communion. This is very, very clear. It is not a matter of freedom of conscience. " This is how Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Divine Worship Congregation, responds to those who have seen an intercommunion between Catholics and Lutherans in a response given by Pope Francis to a Lutheran during his recent visit to the Lutheran community of Rome. "We give communion to Catholics," giving communion to everyone is "a nonsense," says the African Cardinal.

"There is no intercommunion between Anglicans and Catholics, between Catholics and Protestants. If they go together, the Catholic can go to communion, but Lutherans or Anglicans do not. " Without a union in faith and doctrine, opening the doors to intercommunion "would promote profanation." "We cannot do it. It is not that we must speak to the Lord to know if we can make Communion. We need to know whether we are in agreement with the rules of the Church. Our consciousness must be illuminated by the rules of the Church that says that, in order to communicate, we need to be in a state of grace, without sin, and have faith in the Eucharist. It is not a desire or a personal dialogue with Jesus that determines whether we can receive communion in the Catholic Church. A person cannot decide whether he is able to receive Communion. Must be Catholic, in a state of grace, properly married [if conjugated] ". The inter-communion does not allow unity because "the Lord helps us to be one if we receive it properly, otherwise we will eat our condemnation, as St. Paul says (1 Corinthians 11: 27-29). We cannot become one thing only if we participate in communion with sin, with contempt for the Body of Christ. "


Ana Milan said...

Thank God for ++Sarah & his logical Catholic pronouncements. Always a source true to God's Word which isn't liked by the present incumbent of the Papal Office & his coterie. The schism is widening & soon all will see the utter degradation this sodomite cult has wrought upon the Church of Christ. Their NWO godless religion will lay in ruins as there is nothing holding it together but tyranny, heresy, sodomy & apostasy - all the hallmark of Satan whom they serve, along with Soros, depopulation controllers, abortionists, LGBTQI activists, all working against God's Will for His Church, doing away with the Ten Commandments, the Eucharist, Holy Matrimony et al. Everyone is saved so no need for anything like that. The CC must be brought up-to-date. Jesus was only a holy man (maybe a prophet) but not the Son of God. His teaching was for the time He lived, not now. Truth is not absolute but must keep evolving, don't you know.

I expect ++Sarah is awaiting his imminent dismissal & is getting the final word in before he is removed from Office. He is in line with so many others that also have felt the tyrant's whip from the Bishop of Rome but this is only temporary. God, I sense, is stacking the decks to cast the final blow & begin the revival of His Bride that will bring Her back to sanctity & shine once again as a Beacon for the World.

peasant said...

No transubstantiation and communion for everyone is the abomination of desolation which must occur before the Antichrist is invited by the false prophet (Bergoglio) to take the Chair of Peter. The Antichrist cannot enter the church while the Divine Presence exists. After he has manifested as the great peacemaker and more so after he assumes the seat of Peter there will be much persecution. Do not be fooled, it gets much worse before it gets better. The true church at the end of this era will be hidden much as it was at the beginning of this era. The religion practiced with Vatican approval in the churches will be a pagan humanism that makes all men into their gods.

Johnno said...

I suppose that now we wait for the inevitable letter from Francis correcting him?

Such rigidity that refuses to acknowledge all of that commonness and dialogue surely cannot go unpunished!

How can he be against such togetherness at the sharing table?

Such un-mercy!

GMUA said...

If he were only validly ordained....

Anonymous said...

Just cut the B.S. and call Jorge the thug/guttersnipe that he is.

Or, continue to incorporate his duplicity in your own ministry, my dear Cardinal Sarah.

Sometimes you gotta tell it like it is.


Eirene said...

Whence comes this obsession that Francis (et al.) have with the Reformation and all things Lutheran? when did he begin to display this leaning? And one has to ask
WHY did not the Princes of the Church and the Bishops and Archbishops come forward the minute Francis started this rot - as in his "pilgrimage" to Lund a year(?) ago - and say NO WAY is this happening on our watch?!
It would appear the prelates and the laity have been so weakened and disabled over the past 60 years that they have foregone the grace of the Holy Spirit and completely lost any discernment - as well as courage t stand up and fight for the Faith!

Sitsio said...

The trouble is, Pope Francis does not worry about what Cardinal Sarah says, as recently demonstrated with his public rebuke of ++Sarah over Magnum principium. According to Edward Pentin, Pope Francis is developing an parallel curia, setting up commissions which come to conclusions with no reference to particular dicasteries or congregations. See this talkgiven by Pentin at the recent Catholic Identity Conference.