Saturday, 22 April 2017

The party's over

Lent, our Holy Triduum and the Octave of Easter, is now passed. While we are still in Eastertide, the prayer at Vespers this evening recalls the end of our Feast of Passover.

Grant, we beseech, O Almighty God, that we for whom the Feast of the Passover hath now drawn to an end, may in our life and manner ever keep new the healthful influence of the same. Through Jesus Christ, thy Son our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. R. Amen.

How ancient is that prayer? How beautiful a reminder that Our Lord Jesus Christ was the true Pesach, the true Passover Lamb. 

Now, we turn our thoughts and attention back to the continuing crisis in Holy Mother Church. a crisis that is not lessening but becoming more and more embedded. As we have just passed the recollection of the sufferings of Our Lord culminating in his passion and death, now also that the Church must follow the same path. We are now in the Garden of Gethsemane and soon, very soon, we will take up our cross and walk our own roads of sorrow leading to our crucifixion. Yes, it is coming. But know also, that those who have lead the Church to this point will be confounded; and, just as with the traitor Judas, it would have been better for these not to have been born.


Felix M said...

Another take is that we have been celebrating the work of our redemption, and that now - with the coming of Pentecost - it is time to renew the project of our sanctification.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous wrote:

I didn't know you celebrated Passover. I celebrated Easter--the institution of the holy Eucharist, the Priesthood, and the passion, death & resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will be celebrating for 40 days more culminating in the Ascension of Our Lord and Pentecost. Then Trinity Sunday.

Vox says: Did I not refer to "Eastertide" in the post? Do you know that Eastertide means to Pentecost. Do you think I wrote that prayer which refers to "our feast of Passover?" Did you not read from whence it came? It was the closing prayer of First Vespers for the First Sunday after Easter according to the Divine Office (Divino Affaltu) and still used according to the 1962 Divine Office. Are you saying that since even prior to Trent and including St. Pius X and his reforms of Divino Afflatu that some how, this last week was not "Passover." If Trent said it was, through this prayer, if prior to that and up to now in the traditional Divine Office, states it, who are you to say it is not. Was Christ not our Paschal Sacrifice? Does the word "passover" mean "passed 0ver?" No, it does not, that is an English idiom. It is Pesach, which means, the Lamb! Now go back and read again what I wrote and click on the Divine Office tab and go to Vespers of last night if you do not believe me. It is quite fitting to refer to the Easter Octave as PASSOVER!

Anonymous wrote:

Not only do you leave out the Resurrection, but now you are God (or are you prophesying?): "As we have just passed the recollection of the sufferings of Our Lord culminating in his passion and death, now also that the Church must follow the same path."

Vox says: What kind of accuser are you? Easter is our Lord's resurrection, it is the fulfilled Passover. Smarten up with your lying accusation of what I wrote. I am clearly not in the mood to take any abuse from you or anyone else, Got that? As for your comment about me being prophetic. Hardly friend, I am simply repeating the words of saints and pope that in the last days the Church must go through Her own Passion. How ill-equipped you are to comment such as this, go and learn.

Anonmyous said:

No more is the N.O. the Church then were the Jews who failed to accept Christ (i.e. who murdered Christ!). Stick w/the N.O. and you will go to your destruction as did the Jews who stuck w/the corrupt Caiaphas and Annas.

Vox wrote: Well, you clearly are a newbie or you would know my thoughts on the valid but nervous disordered liturgy that is that of Paul VI. I won't be attending a nephew's wedding next week because I cannot tolerate any longer the Novus Ordo. You dare to suggest to anyone something about me that is not true. My destruction the same as the Jews? Worry about yourself friend.

Anonymous wrote:

Why not focus your attention and thoughts on Jesus Christ and the things that are above? Psalm 1 says stop sitting in the company of the wicked. St Paul directs: "Let them be anathema!" Nothing should separate you from the joy of your salvation and the wonderful things God has done for us. Do not fret over the wicked. Overcome evil with good. As you say God will confound them. Might want to consider a mandatory rest from your blog til Pentecost.

Vox said:

Why not start your own blog and stop reading this one? I don't need your pageview!

Ana Milan said...

Maybe you should drop giving anyone using the tag 'Anonymous' a platform to air their always confused & uninformed comments, unless you actually know the commenter. Most posters like to get to know who it is they are connecting with - you can't with 'Anonymous' in front of their post & no signature at the end, which makes it meaningless.

Peter Lamb said...

Anonymous, you sure are a mixed up kid!
Vox, to what you wrote, I say Amen! Amen! AMEN!

Leah said...

Vox, if they persecute you how much would these same people persecute me who do not go to the only Novus Ordo for 70 miles around wherein the priest sits on a chair with his hands in his lap while the ladies are running around all over the church, distributing communion, where another Polka Mass is scheduled on May 7 at the local dancehall at Manitou Beach, with lunch to follow, for an entrance fee. Selling Christ for 30 pieces of silver. Vox, they can persecute me all they want, I am not going there. My medical condition and age prevents from going to the nearest Ukrainian church, 100 miles away, as often as I want. So all you readers, go ahead and persecute me. The catholics here are so protestant, they are thinking of inviting the Anglicans and Lutherans to Mass because they don't have a minister to minister to them every Sunday. Don't tell me the Novus Ordo is not protestantizing.

Anonymous said...

Christ is Risen!


Imho, your online nemesis needs to re-read 1 Corinthians 5:7: "... For Christ our pasch is sacrificed."

Also, when I googled "origin of the word Easter", this is what came up:

Old English ēastre ; of Germanic origin and related to German Ostern and east. According to Bede the word is derived from Ēastre, the name of a goddess associated with spring.

I discovered this a long time ago and now use the term Pascha instead of Easter. I looked this up again to refresh my memory. Hope it helps you too.

I hope you and Frankie had a Joyeuses Pâques!

Yours in the Risen Christ,


Vox Cantoris said...

Hello Margaret,

Isn't Easter from the German word for East? Ostern? In French east is "ouest. In all the Latin languages, the word, Pasqua, Pacques, etc., are all from the word Paschal or Pesach in the Hebrew. I've read that before from Ven. Bede, but he may have been mistaken.

Kathleen1031 said...

We need to bring back that old saying, if you can't say anything nice...
It reminds me of sites where Protestants visit. Good Lord I've never seen such high and mighty attitudes as Protestants have. They can be insufferable, picking on every point and arguing them into the ground. Really, I have little patience for it. What has happened to manners.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox,

It's similar to Ostern. This is another source:

As Patti Page once sang:

"Little things...mean a lot."

Best wishes,