Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cardinal Sarah's comments

Many of you have read the recent remarks in Germany by Robert Cardinal Sarah on the liturgy. I would like to get excited by this that it signals a change. We know that it will not be the case, at least not yet. In the meantime, we must seek out the traditional Latin Mass and if it cannot be found, then you must leave the parish where liturgical abuse and errant teaching prevails and find the most faithful priest and parish that you can.

Let us pray to the great God of the universe, who condescended to take up our humanity and walk amongst us only to be mocked, slandered, spat upon, persecuted and crucified, only to rise again from the dead to save us from our sins, that He will soon deliver his unworthy and unfaithful creation from the hands of evil men who have invaded his Temple and go about doing abominable things and leaving behind them, desolation. 


Master Dickey said...

There are no Traditional Latin Masses anywhere near for an elderly living alone to drive to. There are no Catholic churches nearby that look like catholic Churches, and don't resemble a protestant meeting hall or the set of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. The mass, liturgy, and teaching are drenched in the abuse and error one would expect in these "modern" catholic churches. What can we do if we are elderly, would like to become Catholic, but there is nowhere to go. I'd like to become Catholic but the Catholic Church has made it impossible.

Kathleen1031 said...

Amen to that.
I would like to pose a question, to you Vox, or anyone who would care to respond to it. If anyone does, I thank you in advance.

What to do when one belongs to a NO church. The pastor and assistant pastor are faithful, certainly not innovators, but the Bishop is a fan of Francis, and we hear Francis quoted in homilies, etc. Not overly, but, he's there. The music is Protestant hymns. Women lectors, and many EMHC's, even if we only have 40 people in attendance. These are usually women. There are devotions, but these are limp and sporadic. While we aren't being fed heresy, we get the usual blah blah social justice, blah blah immigration, etc.
We've been members for some time, active in activities and we enjoy the community here. It hurts to leave it, but we are so fed up with Francis-Church, and we definitely don't want to financially support it.

There is a Latin Mass some distance away. It's not a real "part of the parish" type of Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, but more like, there is a priest willing to say the Mass at this location, for the time being.

I admit, we are not sure of what to do. There is no way to find out what others are doing. We do not have easy access to Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, or we would attend.
We can hardly stand attending Holy Mass now.
Does anyone have thoughts or a similar situation? What to do.

Ana Milan said...

I am hoping that the SSPX will be regularised, without strings, in the very near future so that Catholics in Spain can access TLM, all the sacraments & good catechesis. Our NO Bishops have ignored Summorum Pontificum since it wasn't mandated by PB. If the SSPX can circumvent NO Bishops then we hope they will arrive here soon. It would make such a difference!

Vox Cantoris said...

Master Dickey,

How can we help you?

Vox Cantoris said...

Kathleen, even though I have the choice of four Masses on Sunday from 9AM to 1PM within 15, 20, 30 and 45 minutes away, not including the SSPX at 10 minutes, my wife and I drive two hours, two dioceses away to assist at the Mass and to build the choir and community. It is tiring and rewarding.

I wish it were different but it is where we are.

Write to the SSPX and the FSSP and beg them to come to your City.

Cheryl said...

Here under the Atlantic Council of Bishops there is no Latin Mass. Attending a TLM would require literally booking airfare and accommodations .Time and distance would be impossible let alone impractical and expensive. None of us can afford this even if it were possible. How would we do this if you are trying to be a daily communicant,and the sacrament of the reconciliation. Is it a sin to attend the novis ordo Mass and participate in the Liturgical abuses by our priests and women laity? Is it valid? IS it wrong to leave the church feeling angry and bitter and offended? I do not know how much longer this will last here in the not so beautiful atlantic!

Kathleen1031 said...

Thank you Vox, very much.

Master Dickey, please do contact Vox for assistance. God bless you dear. :)

Leah said...

I feel for all of you who have nowhere to go, you are not alone. As I have written before, I live in central Saskatchewan and am 80 years old. There is a TLM in Saskatoon, 1 1/2 hours away, at 9 AM. I would have to leave at 7:30 AM, and I have done it. The Mass is at the northwest end of the city and I enter at the very southeast, having to cross the river and complicated streets. I don't do it anymore. So I just stay home. I say the 1962 Breviary every day and make spiritual communions. I read a comment one cardinal made many years ago, that it would take the church 300 years to straighten out the mess created by P.John XXIII. We are on our own. To become a Catholic, you are also on your own to study the catechism and present yourself for baptism when the time comes. After that you are still on your own. In centuries gone by the laity did not go to communion as often as we do today, I think that was only inaugurated with P. Pius X. I always remember one priest telling me that God is not bound to the sacraments.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Cheryl and Leah,

Thank you for your heartfelt comments. We in the big TO have our share of what you experience, however, we have options, including the SSPX. I know they are on a "mission" basis in parts of Saskatchewan and the Maritimes, obviously far too infrequent.

The priests and bishops will be held to account for that they have done to you and your dioceses.

Leah, your words are very wise and you are doing what you can do. You are completely correct, God is NOT BOUND by His Sacraments, we are.

May He bless us all.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear All, I sympathize with you all. We are all in the same boat.
Dear Master Dicky, if you contact me by email, (, I will put you in touch with a Priest who will prepare you via skype for entry into the Church. In fairness, I must inform you that Vox and, as far as I know, all other Voxers are "Recognize and Resisters". I think I am the only sedevacantist Voxer. :)

The Catholic thing to do under these circumstances are:
1. Read the Baltimore Catechism, Holy Scripture, Lives of Saints etc. Read nothing published after 1958.
2. Do not set foot in any form of concilliar (novus ordo) church. There is nothing for you there. It is not Catholic. It is the ape of the Catholic Church, just as Our Lady foretold.
3. Become a virtual congregant of St. Gertrude the Great Parish in West Chester, Ohio. They broadcast the Tridentine Latin Mass, live daily, or you can virtually assist at previously recorded Mass.
4. You can purchase a DVD of Mass from and watch it daily, as I do. The movable parts you follow in a pre 1962 Missal. I have a 1954 St. Andrews.

The benefits of assisting virtually at a valid Mass are enormously greater than attending an invalid non-Catholic concoction, even if you do so with the best intentions in the world.

See the benefits of virtual Mass: