Saturday, 8 March 2014

More Rosicanism: Trying to explain the "delicate" matter

Extremely relevant commentary from Squeaker. 

My question, why do so many statements of the Pope need explaining? 

The Church has no business talking about "civil unions" and trying to mask it as if it were all about a "son looking after his mother" or some other arrangement and that the State has a responsibility. We are not stupid, we know what this is about. The Church sanctioning civil unions of same sex persons as a substitute to so-called "same sex marriage." The State can do what it wants with this issue but it is not for the Church to give any credence to it. The CDF under then Cardinal Ratzinger made it abundantly clear.

All protections for people in "same-sex" relationships or other "family" relationships are all there in law already. Powers of Attorney for either personal care or property, wills, real estate titles, contracts. All there, already in contract law.

This is a sham and we are in grave trouble as Catholics when high-profile clericalists start trying to square a circle and refer to such a thing as "delicate."

The last year has not been easy, the next is going to be worse. We are in for a rough ride and it is  not going to get better.

The Pope declared that the papacy is an institution and that future popes could resign too. I can't wait, heck; let's have three, it has happened before, after all.

Go and read the whole piece over at SoCon. There are a few in Rome and elsewhere that need a lesson from the CDF.

Yesterday, I reflected on the usefulness of the Holy Father’s interviews.  I reported an article by CNN that distorted the Holy Father’s latest interview statements. If you read the CNN article in question, you’ll get this excerpt of damage control from the Vatican spokesman:
“The Pope did not choose to enter into debates about the delicate matter of gay civil unions,” said the Rev. Thomas Rosica, a consultant to the Vatican press office.


Barona said...
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Barona said...

Fr. Rosica also stated in the same speech where he accuses an unknown cabal of manipulating H.H. Pope Benedict XVI, the following with regards to Pope Francis: "he does not approve of homosexuality, to its extremes". Again, we need an explanation: did the Holy Father actually say this? Or, did Fr. Rosica improvise this? We do not know. If the Holy Father did indeed say this, we have a serious problem. Exchange one word; let us say 'theft': "he does not approve of theft, to its extremes".....
For that matter, if this is Fr. Rosica's position, we also have a serious problem.

We need clarity in Rome, not confusion, obfuscation... Fr. Rosica is adding considerable confusion and is not a wise choice. To the contrary.