Saturday, 15 March 2014

More Cardinals will call out Kasper for his falsity

Rome, March 15 (TMNews) - "From Bologna with love, stop." This is the title of an interview with the Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna Carlo Caffara, a past rooted in Communion and Liberation, published today by the sheet. "Peroration of Cardinal Caffara after the consistory and the relationship Kasper," is the subtitle. "Do not touch the marriage of Christ. Do not judge a case, you do not bless a divorce. Hypocrisy is not merciful."
On the proposal of the Cardinal Walter Kasper about the possibility of readmitted to communion, after a period of penance, divorziarti remarried couples who request it, Caffara states: "If the Church admits to 'Eucharist, however, must give a judgment of legitimacy the second union. E 'logical. But then - as was wondering - what about the first marriage? Second, it is said, can not be a true second marriage, since bigamy is against the word of the Lord. And the first? And 'loose? But the popes have always taught that the power of the Pope does not come to this: the ratified and consummated marriage, the Pope has no power. The proposed solution leads to think that is the first marriage, but there is also a second form of cohabitation that the Church legitimate. then c 'is an exercise of human sexuality extramarital that the Church considers legitimate. But with this you deny the backbone of the Church's teaching on sexuality. At this point one might ask, and why not approve the free cohabitation? And why not relationships between homosexuals? ".

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Barona said...

Churchmen have an obligation before God and the Church to stand up to anyone - that means anyone - who opposes the Teachings of the Church.