Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ridicule the Radical

A theologian from Australia makes comments on CNS about why people might not attend the Traditional Latin Mass and suddenly everyone is gleefully saying "see, I told you; you're the problem; you are why I won't go." In fairness, the CNS interview was clearly edited and may not have been an accurate reflection of her views, particularly given the recent liturgical conference and her presence there; however, people are using her comments for their own agenda. A radio show on catholic issues talks about those "radical traditionalists" whomever they may be and then they charge there critics as being "uncharitable." They say how nasty those people are and the perception is to "stay away" from the Latin Mass because of them. A prelate speaks at a Theology-on-Tap and refers to some as "those pure Catholics" in a derogatory manner bereft of the clarity as to who they are and why such a term be used. Some well known bloggers of national exposure and other self-published pretenders and catholic media pundits use phrases such as rad-trads or mad-trads in a manner that would make Saul Alinsky smile from his eternity, if he could. Perhaps they do it innocently, perhaps knowingly; if it is the former it shows how they have been so subliminally influenced by the rotting culture; if it is the latter, then they are at least committing an act against charity; something of course that they are the first to cry out against.

These examples are just a few of those being used to bash some Catholics over the head with the radical rule-book writer's preferred method - ridicule. It's even happened in addresses to seminary rectors where the keynote speaker chose to demonise the seminarians of today and their desire, or should I say in his own words, "affectation" for liturgical excellence and theological orthodoxy. They like to say that it is Catholics who follow the Church's tradition who do it the most harm, that these "pure Catholics" whomever they may be, are the problem in the Church. 


If you don't attend Mass it's your fault. If you don't embrace the liturgical patrimony of the Church that's your business and if you don't attend because you think some people dress funny or have too many kids or seem to devout or sometimes complain about the state of the Church, then that is your problem, not theirs. It is your soul and your lack of joy, not theirs that is the problem. It is your responsibility, not theirs. 

Frankly, there is precious little, if anything that any one individual or group of "trads" can do that would make the reception of the Latin Mass by some any worse. The truth is, it is hated - the Mass that is in its traditional form. Those in chanceries and seminaries and elsewhere who shun the traditional liturgy and theology don't do it because of something that a blogger writes or how someone dresses for Mass or whether or not an opinion is given on a matter of liturgy. Those "holy Catholics," whomever they may be, belong to the same Catholic Church, but who are they? Are they Catholics who prefer the Extraordinary of the Ordinary Form in diocesan churches? Are they Catholics who desire the Ordinary Form in Latin or Gregorian chant ad orientem, the actual first standard according to the GIRM? Are they those who prefer, as is their right, to receive Holy Communion on the tongue or kneeling and are ridiculed for it? Are they our Catholic brothers and sisters who attend chapels of the Society of the St. Pius X? Are they people who believe that the Seat of Peter is vacant? Are these not all baptised Catholics and spiritual children of the bishop and your brothers and sisters?  

There is division in the Church, there has been for decades, centuries, even two millenia; this is no surprise. Dealing with the here and now at least, it is obvious how acute it has become. It shows something greater though, this attack over the last few months on people who might prefer traditional liturgy and theology; it shows how much that the traditional liturgy and theology of the Catholic faith is hated. Yes, hated.

Taking Toronto as just one example; on a typical Sunday, no more than 500 - 600 people attend the traditional Latin Mass and that includes those who attend at the SSPX chapel.  In the Dioceses of Hamilton, London and St. Catharines, perhaps another 200-300 at the most and taking Ottawa and any others into account in the Province of Ontario, maybe 1000 Catholics on Sunday attend the traditional liturgy. One thousand out of 4,000,000 of whom only about 18% actually go to Mass. 

One thousand little people, plus or minus a few hundred.


One would have to ask then, why all this ridicule; what do they fear?

Perhaps it is this report by Michael Voris and the upcoming "real" decline of Catholics in the United States of America; Canada is no different; Europe is already there. Perhaps they know already what Voris knows and that has all of them so worked up. The actuarial tables and demographics don't lie. 

They have traded the church of truth for the church of nice and exchanged a sacrifice for a meal, worship for community, the truth for a lie. 

As time goes on the lines are going to intersect; there are already more priests ordained in France in traditional orders from diocesan seminaries. In twenty years or less, the Mass in France will be the traditional liturgy. The FSSP grows throughout America. Seminarians across North America are learning the Usus Antiquior by themselves. 

Indeed, these Catholic Alinskyites have seen the future and they hate what they see.

We see it too and we are filled with joy.