Friday, 26 July 2013

What's the answer, Catholic Answers?

In follow-up to my various comments about those ill-advised Catholics well-known and not so well-known on radio, print media and blogs who have been using slurs against Catholics of a more traditional inclination, I am glad to see this from Christopher A. Ferrara of The Remnant.  I will say it again, those who are using the slur "rad-trad" or "mad-trad" or other such epithets are not doing the work of Christ and the Church but of those who are opposed. As long as they keep beating that snare drum of hate and mockery, it will be met here and challenged. Stop doing it, whether your Coffin or Shea or Staples or the self-published expert who will not be named, lest I give him any hits; you're all barking up the wrong tree. Preach the truth and fight the cause of the Church and stop this uncharitable, spiteful and hateful commentary against your fellow Catholics, particularly those who choose to worship within the Society of St. Pius X; as well of course of us who desire the restoration "of all things in Christ." The fact is that Staples is wrong, liturgy matters, the Reform of the Reform matters, the Traditional Latin Mass matters; Why? Because it is from this that it all flows. We must worship God in truth and beauty and reverence and dignity. It's as if you've allowed yourself to become some of Lenin's "useful idiots" and you are doing the Devil's work without even realising it. Yes, Freemasons in the Church Patrick, are an issue. Read your papal history. Modernism and Neo-Catholics are the same. This is not name-calling but very real words to describe the situation that prevails today. 

"In the midst of the post-conciliar neo-Modernist invasion of the Church, why did an organization that calls itself Catholic Answers devote two hours of expensive radio time on May 31 to a live talk show attacking, not Modernism, but “radical traditionalists”?  Why did the hosts of this show, Tim Staples and Patrick Coffin, dwell on a few Catholic adherents of the Society of Saint Pius X who (allegedly) lost their faith, while ignoring the “silent apostasy” that plagues the entire Western world—and this a half-century after the Council that was supposed to have made the faith more accessible to the masses? Why have Staples and Coffin planned another two hours of traditionalist bashing on August 12?  And why has Catholic Answers devoted not one minute of its live radio show to the grave threat a resurgent Modernism poses to the souls of Catholics, who continue to apostatize by the millions under its influence? The answer to these questions, in a word, is this: neo-Catholicism, a kind of well-mannered second cousin to Modernism. Inveterate Remnant readers will know what I mean by the term, but for newcomers to this controversy a bit of background is in order."


"Let us strain charity to the limit and allow that Coffin and Staples may have good intentions. Objectively speaking, however they ought to be ashamed of their demagogic grandstanding at the expense of fellow Catholics. Catholic Answers ought to terminate their campaign of calumniating “radical traditionalists” and “Mad-Trads,” who are merely victims of the ecclesial crisis, and direct its attention to the mass apostasy that afflicts the Church today, for which traditionalists bear no responsibility. Catholic Answers should begin that task of reparation with the two-hour show Coffin and Staples plan for August 12."


Finally, I know that there are people at Catholic Answers who find the antics of Coffin and Staples appalling and dearly wish that apostolate would embrace the cause of Tradition instead of what Michael Matt has called “cool Catholicism.” Our Nicodemus friends at Catholic Answers know that it is only the timeless Faith, and the ancient liturgy of apostolic origin that instantiates it, which can lead souls aright with absolute surety, not the time-bound novelties of the post-conciliar epoch, which were passé from the moment they first appeared. When the neo-Catholic establishment abandons its defense of novelty and joins traditionalists in seeking to recover what has been lost in the reigning diabolical confusion, the day of the Church’s emergence from the post-conciliar crisis will be near at hand. Until then, as Coffin and Staples have demonstrated, neo-Catholicism will remain a major impediment—perhaps the major impediment—to the immense task of restoring our devastated vineyard."

Read the whole essay here.

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Aged parent said...

I am with you on this. It is hard for me to understand why people like those at Catholic Answers find it necessary to belittle those who are hanging on as best they can to the ancient Faith. Their carping is so unseemly. And it says much about them when they engage in such things.

Aged Parent