Monday, 8 July 2013

I could have written this

Why We Need to "Criticize" What's Going on in the Church

I enjoy watching Michael Voris on the Vortex, and I’ve never found him “negative” – though he gets that criticism often enough. I get it myself! I am sometimes accused of having nothing good to say - always complaining about what's going on in the liturgy and the sacraments and the everyday practice (or non-practice) of the faith, and criticizing the bishops and priests who either don't do anything to remedy the problems or else actively contribute to them.

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Unknown said...

Amen. Here is the quote that really strikes a chord:

"... ask yourself: is anything being done to change the downward trends in vocations, Mass attendance, frequency of confession (if ever!), etc.? No. Duh. In fact, as Michael Voris has pointed out numerous times, the “establishment Church” doesn’t want to hear about it. The “establishment Church” will acknowledge some problems, some of the time, but gloss over them ..."

The best example of that would the established Catholic media.