Friday, 8 April 2011

Welcome to the fight, we knew you never really left it!

hereas the Catholic Register's editorial states that Development & Peace is "guilty of either appalling poor judgment or blatant incompetence;" and

Whereas the same Catholic Register in the same editorial commentary states "Two years ago his (Mexican priest Father Luis Arriaga) organization was cited in an investigation by as one of five D&P Mexican partners with ties to pro-abortion groups;" and

Whereas the same editorial asks "How D&P, his own staff, fellow bishops and the priest himself, Fr. Luis Arriaga, (could) put the Archbishop in such an awkward position" and

Whereas LifeSiteNews initially broke the story about D&P funding pro-abortion groups in the third world with your money from ShareLife or ShareLent; and

Whereas certain persons who shall remain nameless here out of deference to their position have referred to LifeSiteNews as "extremist" for their position in this regard; and

Whereas LifeSiteNews' investigative reporting and evidence in this regard has been upheld by the Archbishop of Ottawa, His Grace, Terence Prendergast, S.J. and the wise action of Bishop Mulhall of Pembroke and Archbishop Collins of Toronto; and

Whereas the Catholic Register in Toronto has reported on this truth as first reported in LifeSiteNews;

Now therefore, let it be known that as surely as 1 + 1 = 2, the obvious explanation is that the Catholic Register has become extremist (except for JBM of course!)

Not in the same way as Vox Cantoris mind you.

But nearly.

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