Friday, 8 April 2011

Blow-Back Blogging

Courtesy of the combox at Seraphic in Scotland which should be on your daily list, comes this salient commentary on the issues this week in Canada regarding Catholics' blogs:

The blogosphere/internet is a Revolution comparable to Gutenberg. But I would emphasize that it is not technology per se that is wholly responsible for all the blow-back now occurring. The internet is just a more efficient and quicker means of communication over more expansive distances. Between words printed on paper and words posted on a blog is only a difference in degree, not kind. So the question that the cleric under scrutiny in your post (including the bishops, theologians, Catholic MSM etc.) that constitute the "professional Catholic" class in Canada have to ask themselves is this: Why is there even blow-back at all? That is the question.

If there were no apostate bishops, if there were no Baum's composing Marxist-inspired tracts, if RCIA directors had been properly catechizing, if school kids were not politicized by baby-booming "Catholic" teachers enraptured by whatever trendy cause, if homilies were not exclusively devoted to "God is love", if nuns weren't worshiping the rain forests, if power hungry parish tyrants would understand that they are not consecrated priests ... if these (and more) had not occurred over the last 4 to 5 decades, I will confidently say that there would not have been any blow-back from the Catholic blogosphere in the modern day. Support and a defense thereof from the secular world would have been the mainstays. If there was a sufficient degree of faithfulness to the Magisterium in the first place, there would be no need to revolt.

When for decades you have a very select group of "professional Catholics" running the show, leftist and skewed to heterodoxy in approach and viewpoint, when for years letters to the editor are ignored, when time after time you have qualified and knowledgeable people (academics, writers, etc., not just the "plebeian" types you mention) continually shut out from the newspapers, journals, publishers and other educational/apologetic programs because they are too "orthodox" or "judgmental" or "uncharitable"... and then when the blogosphere emerges, you at last have an outlet slay the dragon.

The current situation of the "professional Catholic" class in Canada can be analogized with Hugh Hefner as he exists today: a fossilizing, self-absorbed, smelly old man wandering around a mansion in a gaudy smoking jacket, stupid enough to think that the chicks are still attracted to him.

The comment comes from TH2 and hits the nail on the head, especially the point about Hugh Hefner.

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