"RORATE" Traditional Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto

Friday, 29 April 2011

Catholic? Canadian? Read this.

Consider for a moment what the Pope whom liberals love to quote wrote in 1961:

34. Pope Pius XI further emphasized the fundamental opposition between Communism and Christianity, and made it clear that no Catholic could subscribe even to moderate Socialism. The reason is that Socialism is founded on a doctrine of human society which is bounded by time and takes no account of any objective other than that of material well-being. Since, therefore, it proposes a form of social organization which aims solely at production, it places too severe a restraint on human liberty, at the same time flouting the true notion of social authority.

Now, how are you voting on Monday?


JP said...

How AM I voting? Well we are fortunate to have a pro-life candidate.

THAT is how I am voting. Otherwise I would spoil my ballot.

Vox Cantoris said...

Alas, I live in Etobicoke-Lakeshore have four candidates including Iggy. The others are Green, NDP and Conservative. Only the NDP responded to the Campaign Life survey.

I shall vote to do the least damage.

Anonymous said...

NDP - the last person in that caucus who voted her conscience was booted out of the party .... I, too, will vote to do the least damage and it won't be NDP...

Anonymous said...

Concerning anonymous, see today's Narional Post (May 2) and see what happens to NDP members when they vote according to their conscience - are we ready for this? Vote responsibly!!!