Saturday, 2 April 2011

Roman Missal Recognitio: Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

Finally, weeks after the news here on Vox Cantoris, and a day after it was published on Vox with a hat-tip here, three weeks after it was in the church bulletins in the Diocese of Hamilton and two week after the Archdiocese of Toronto announced the beginning of a training session, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has finally announced the recognitio of the new Roman Missal for Canada.

Thank you CCCB for your excellent communication!

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Pascendi said...

An example, the Polish translation of "pro multis" was always correct. The English mistranslation was due to faulty theology which can be reviewed in the footnotes of earlier editions of the GIRM (c.f. 1975 edition).

T/M/R said...

What is the English mistranslation? Comment needs specific clarification....

Vox Cantoris said...


There were many mistranslations in from the Latin text of the 1970 Missal. For example, "et cum spiritu tuo" does not mean "and also with you" but "and with your spirit."

Pascendi is referring specifically to the words of the Consecration at Holy Mass..."pro multis" does not mean "for all" but "for many" or "for the many" or "for the multitudes." There is a Latin phrase "for all" and that is "pro omnibus." Therefore, if the word was not omnibus but was multis, why was it translated as "all" and not "many."

The word "many" is scriptural, this is what Jesus said at the Last Supper.

There is much, much more wrong with the current translation. It will be quite exciting on that first Sunday of Advent to hear the all the Mass in its proper translation.

Patience said...

That does sound exciting!

T/M/R said...

I agree and thanks for the clarification. It's all going in the right direction - really looking forward to the revised translation and to more reverence. I pray that music also have a complete overhaul. Reverence, silence, chant, praise and thanks to God!

Vox Cantoris said...


I recommend you click on the picture above or here to the USCCB web site for the texts and other resources.

Also, check out Father Z's blog, if you have not already, "WHAT DOES THE PRAYER REALLY SAY?"

He started it by analyzing what was wrong with the now "lame-duck" ICEL translation and he regularly features examples of the old and new.

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