Friday, 28 August 2015

Wesolowski - justice has been done - the homosexual perversion has its juggernaut around the throats of bishops!

Josef Wesolowski is dead. The highest-ranking Churchmen to be charged and put on trial for sexual assault against children has been judged. Not by a Vatican court, not by a Roman civil court but by the only court and judge who matters, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The late layman Wesolowski drinking "unto his condemnation"
As Catholics, we must hope that Jozef Wesolowski repented and did penance and received the Sacraments and the rest is left to the mercy of God.

Wesolowski also had a collection of 100,000 images of child pornography on his computer, most of his crimes were committed whilst he was a diplomat in Central America - a reminder of Canada's defrocked pervert bishop of the long-suffering Diocese of Antigonish and destroyer of Catholic music with CBWIII, Raymond Lahey. He returned from Bangkok via London when the filth and perversion of child pornography was found on his computer. 

What single man visits Bangkok? What bishop does? 

What was the common-denominator between these two men?

They were both sodomites and they should never, ever have been admitted to the Catholic priesthood. 

They both got sexual pleasure about watching pornograpic videos of young boys and men and at least in the case of Wesolowski, acting it out ; there is no evidence that Lahey ever did, at least not yet.

Mr. Lahey caught with porn at Ottawa Airport
Pornography of all kinds is a vile and destructive evil. It is a crime against the persons acting out or forced as slaves to do it. it is a crime against the person viewing it and most of all it is a crime against God. 
The day is coming when all of these sodomites, deacons, priests, bishops and cardinals are going to be "outed." They are filth. They are scum. They are evil, vile, despicable creatures. They have mocked Our Lord and Saviour, His Bride and His Sacrifice. They have defiled Him and the Truth. They are putrid, they are evil. 

These filthy, dirty, perverted monsters are in great control now but they will not win. They are trying to change the Truth and doctrine and they will rise up in October, but they will be struck down.

You, you filthy priest, you traitorous bishop. 

Get out!

...and if that is not enough, there is this!

Pope Francis Sends “Blessing” to Publisher of Homosexual-Friendly Books for Children

Yet more scandal from this tumultuous pontificate. Oremus

Pope Francis Sends “Blessing” to Publisher of Homosexual-Friendly Books for Children

By John Vennari
August 28: Pope Francis sent an encouraging letter to lesbian founder of publishing house for children’s books.

Il Giornale reports, “The Pope blesses gender ideology books. To the author he writes: “Go ahead.”
The report continues, “Pope Francis still amazes, writing a long letter to the author of the books that the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, wanted to ban from its schools. After the Synod on the family that threatens to split the church, the Pope again lines up in defense of the same-sex couples.”


Barona said...

From what I have read in the Italian Press there seems to be some reason to believe that this is another initiative by the pro-gay Lobby that is entrenched in the Vatican. If indeed, the Pope read this woman's letter,and if indeed the words in the letter are the Pope's, we have two possibilities: he is suffering from mental illness or he is a duplicitous deceiver. I believe that this was an initiative by the Secretariat of State that is the real power in the Vatican.

We have the recent and not so recent pro-gay reports coming from Vatican Radio (controlled by Stato), as examples of ongoing homosexualist activity. What these incidents show is that there is great evil at work in Rome....

How is it possible to explain photographs being put up on the Vatican Radio website of two men engaging in homosexual activity; or two women? How is it possible to conduct an interview with a pro-priestess, pro-abortion etc. "feminist theologian", if one is not pushing that agenda?

The "wolves" spoken of by Pope Benedict have not been driven out. Had they been, we would have heard about it! No, there is no doubt that a powerful, very powerful homosexualist anti-Catholic lobby is active in the Vatican and is in tandem with homosexualists in the secular media.

As to the death of this homosexual archbishop - who does indeed need our prayers, as he went to judgment - I think we need an independent autopsy to be carried out immediately.

John Laws said...

There is a duty of the authorities to conduct a proper investigation and trial. This duty was not performed. If this man was connected to a network of abusers, the matter is still open and his death leaves other children at risk. This follows a pattern of other suspicious deaths of important pedophiles; do some research on recent events in the UK. No, justice has not been served, and the public remains in grave danger.

Anonymous said...

Claimed in one publication he was found to have images of child erotica a very dubious term to use for indecent images of children .Sooner or later what's hidden in darkness will be brought to light ,their days are numbered .

Maudie N Mandeville said...

The press office claimed the letter to Francesca Pard... was meant to remain private, something which “unfortunately did not happen.”

How familiar. Much like the phone calls to the divorced and remarried women in Argentina where the pope also said, "Go ahead," and receive communion.

Considering that 'secret' or private communication will remain so, Francis is clearly the greatest threat to the Faith, bar none.

TLM said...

Also reported in the Pope's letter to the author (Francesca P) was the encouraging phrase: 'Go ahead on your pathway'. Now, they are going to tell me it was only his secretariat that wrote this and the Pope was not aware? He is either blind, deaf and dumb, mentally disturbed or these were in fact his words to the author. We will see if M. Wells, his Secretariat, keeps his position, because by rights Francis should sack him publicly to exonerate himself, plus make a public formal statement that affirms Church teaching and condemns the indoctrination of pre school children to homosexual 'normality' in family life, as this author is so blatantly promoting. Ugh, even the Mayor condemned these books by not allowing them in his schools, and the Vicar of Rome says: 'Go ahead on your pathway'????? Francis needs to do more than offer a lame 'clarification' which is typical 'modernist speak'. I mean really, how stupid does Rome think we are???