Tuesday, 4 August 2015

"If we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, then we can make them part of the budget."

How big is this?

Really big and any judge or politician that fails to stop this now can only be benefitting and is corrupt and unworthy of office.

Steve Skoject watched it all and draws parallels with a future Nuremburg type of trial that will judge and sentence these fascist criminals. He also add's this:
"And then they go to look at “fresh specimens” to see their quality and “intactness.” I can’t recommend watching this part of the video unless you have the stomach for it. And maybe not even then. I moved beyond nausea into horror, and then just deep sadness. As they picked through a tray of eviscerated human remains, identifying each organ and part, I found that I had to stop the video when I saw them pull out a perfect little hand with the tweezers, a leg clearly visible in the bloody mess behind it. To be honest, I broke down for a moment and just started to cry. How could they? How could they?
It cannot be hidden any longer.


TLM said...

How can one even begin to describe the HORROR of this???? You cannot even put it into words!! The people that do this are not human. Not sure what they are, but they're not human. And Congress voted AGAINST defunding these SATANIC PAWNS. If one investigates, one can easily find the ones that voted against defunding. Mark Kirk of Illinois is one. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader is another that should have voted to defund. I think there were a few more, have to look. These people need to be 'defunded' permanently. These people are NOT FIT FOR PUBLIC OFFICE OF ANY KIND.

From what I have heard, the Administration sent word out that anyone voting to defund them would have their skeletons revealed. They would ruin them. And they went running like chickens in a barnyard fire. These public officials are worthless, evil criminals that need to be prosecuted along with Planned Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

Anyone capable of ripping a developing infant apart is quite capable of disecting and selling the parts ,they'll be doing the same to adults in the so distant future ,people deemed to be a burden to society ,babies today adults tomorrow .To them we're all just flesh and viable organs.They now believe themselves to be Gods with the power of life and death.

TLM said...

Update on the vote: There WILL BE another vote in the fall. Thank you Dear Lord!!! What they are thinking about doing is attaching it to a government funding bill to give it more of a chance to pass. Fr. Frank Pavone has asked us all to join him in a Novena for this cause, beginning on (I believe) August 22nd. He has it posted on his 'Priests for Life' website. You will find info on his site I am sure. Fr. Pavone has been behind the scenes working with the people who have uncovered this, he says for years now. I listened to his interview on the radio yesterday on 'Relevant Radio' our local Catholic station. It has been a joint effort, he said, from day one. Fr. Pavone has always been a very courageous soldier for life for many many years. May the Dear Lord preserve and protect him in this battle. He will need protection from St. Michael the Archangel because you can be absolutely sure he will be attacked. This is a battle not of flesh and blood, but of principalities and powers as you all know.


Anonymous said...

Until the great monarch restores Christendom I do not expect a Nuremberg trial for baby butchers and their demonic supporters. Rather, this will be old hat news and will only make the mystical body of Satan bolder in marginalising those who expose this. It's not politically correct to get angry over this.

JMR said...

I have written a post about this relating it to the Protestant Heresy. I would like to invite you to read it.Thank you