Saturday, 7 February 2015

When did Catholics become so stupid?

An anonymous comment was left in the box at a "Sad state of affairs in Aurora." 

I really want to be charitable, but I'm finding it difficult. Perhaps you may wish to explain it to our poor friend.
Anonymous said...Guess what? This isn't the 1700's. We are in 2015 and the world changes and so will churches. If the church doesn't change the catholic population will continue to decline. Is it a bad thing that people and children enjoy church? A bunch of crazies on this site that need serious help. To sit there and pass judgement on situation it sounds like you have no personal experience with is a sin. Do you remember when black people were not allowed in churches. Is it ok that they changed those rules?
Friday, 6 February 2015 at 21:31:00 GMT-5  
When did Catholic become this stupid?


Patience said...

I would compare it to the situation you blogged about with the priest in Whitby a while back. (the pre Confession checklist deal) People have gone into a Catholic comfort zone. If you confuse them with the facts; they go bananas because they don't know the facts; it's like a different religion to them. And considering the watered down instruction my boys got in Catholic school; the ignorance is understandable. But yelling at a Bishop? No excuse there; that's just plain rude and nasty. (and shows no respect for clergy)

Barona said...

I shall let St. Teresa of Avila explain it to our friend: "God never changes".

Brian said...

Wow...what a cocktail of confusion! It is hard to know where to start.

Historically, there is, in the life of the Church, change that ought to be made and there is change that must not be made. The New Theologians, who gave us the New Mass, understood something very important. If you change how people worship you can change what they believe. Luther and Cranmer understood this well. Today, we are, in a state, of pure liturgical and doctrinal becoming. Nothing, doctrinal,liturgical or disciplinary can remain the same. Things MUST change, especially if "feelings" are at stake.

A shape shifting Modernist Lex Credendi took over our Church fifty years ago. Such a Credendi needed a corresponding shape shifting Modernist Lex Orandi. The center piece, of such an Orandi, is Pope Paul's New Mass, a Mass worse than Cranmer's, as Cardinal Heenan himself, informed Pope Paul. This New Mass is the liturgical center piece of a Man centered religion. Holy Mass was never meant to be an entertainment stage, with Fr. Flapdoodle presiding, but sadly, this is what people have come to expect. Yes, the Catholic population will continue to decline, thanks, in large measure, to the state of our Liturgy, a state, that Cardinal Ratzinger, described as a "...banal on the spot by- product... the result of a manufacturing process...". Bingo, right on the mark, your eminence.

The "crazies" as this "anonymous" slurs them, are, for the most part, those who seek to foster a sacred God centered liturgy along with sobriety, clarity and fidelity in doctrine. When you witness a priest, in the sanctuary, behaving like a game show host, or late night talk show host, then you can you can bet, that this is a celebration, that is all about him and us.