Thursday, 12 February 2015

Yasou' al Masih ibn Allah calls to you

O Muslim, when will you open your mind and heart to the truth. He was tempted by Shaytan in the desert, He did not succumb to the deceit. Why would He destroy the very instrument which he used to save us?

He whom you call Issa is Yasou' al Masih ibn Allah! He is the very God united with the Father and the Holy Spirit, One God, in Three Persons, undivided in unity.

They have lied to you. They were lied to themselves. They are in the grasp of the devil himself, of Shaytan, as you call him. 

YASOU', came to earth, announced by Gabriel born of Maryam as you believe. But you have been lied to. He died on the Cross and did rise again to free us from death and lead us to life. As He came for me, so too He came for you, O Muslim, because He loved you even before you were born. Have you ever been told that? 

He brings you love and life; not death, not murder, not immolation, not destruction.

He loves you and lives.

Come to Him.

He loves you.

Free yourself from bondage. Free yourself from slavery and submission. Serve Him from love and joy and humility not from fear or tyranny. He waits for you. Look at his countenance, look at his open arms.

He gave himself for you. He died for you and rose from the dead that you might be saved. 


Jewel said...

You might not know this, but in Arabic, Jesus is Yasu'a. Not Issa. Issa is a Muslim word. Semitic names have meaning, and Yasu'a means He Saves, just as yeshiva means He saves. Without going too much in depth as to why Issa is used instead of Yasu'a, suffice it to say, the modern approach to witnessing to Muslims from a modernistic perspective hasn't worked. As long as Catholics are told by the Church as it is stated in the Catechism, that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God, there will be no Salvation for them we have to perhaps defy conventional wisdom and pray for boldness in witnessing to Muslims fearlessly, regardless of what may happens.

Vox Cantoris said...

Hello Jewel,

Yes, you are correct, Yasou' al Masih Ibn Allah, may he be praised for ever is how a Christian would say it, I am of Lebanese ancestry myself. My post of course was meant for our Muslim brothers and sisters, but I think I should change it because of their false view of Him and I shall. Thank you.

On the second part, I agree with you. The fundamental problem is that we, as Catholics for the very reason you say and the false ecumenism of Vatican II and the Popes since, has lost countless souls and has lead to our situation now.

Jewel said...

I hope you can pardon the typos in my last post. I am typing on an iPad mini, and it needlessly corrects my non errors, like Yeshua instead of Yeshiva. Heh. I have only been coming to this site for about a week, and it's really good!

Vox Cantoris said...

Hi Jewel,

Thank you for reading my blog! I don't always catch my typos in editing!

You have inspired my next post.

Come back this evening!

Anonymous said...

I understand your trepidation regarding Muslims. However, if you've never read "The Plot Against the Church" you may find it very interesting.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, I agree that there has been a massive communist, masonic and sodomite infiltration and somewhere in there would be some influence of Zionists because so many of them were Freemasons and communists differentiated from our Jewish brothers and sister.

Bella Dodd testified to what she did, we should believe her.

Fundamentally, the fact that these people have weakened the Church now puts many at mortal risk from the Mohammedans.

Your thoughts on this?