A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 21 June 2024

Some thoughts on the current news

The air in the Church is oppressive as this current heat wave (called weather) throughout eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. Here in Toronto, we have the recent rather uncomfortable situation for Thomas Rosica, allegedly being found in a homosexual bathhouse with its special activities from dark rooms to sl--p ramps and more. Fitting that this should allegedly occur in June with its upside-down proclamations. 

It has been a while since I've blogged to any extent. Life is busy and I think most of us are weary. I don't earn an income from this and the time it takes to write daily is outside my current power. Comments are down and I write that not to bemoan that nobody is commenting but as an observation because comments are down everywhere on Catholic blogs. I remember when Father Z's blog would have 30, 50 or more comments but even there, they are few. People are tired, worn and weary of all the bad news. We seem to be hunkering down waiting for the next evil act to fall upon us. 

It is important at this time to "Keep Calm and Carry On!" as the meme goes. At the link below to Father Z he has a clip from Bridge of Spies. "The Boss is not always right, but he's always the Boss!" After being questioned about never worrying, he asks, "Would it help?" On my own part, I've said to people over the last few days, "I am trying to keep my peace." It is not always easy. Of course, you know that to which I refer. 

My wife and I drive two hours each Sunday to Mass, I've done this since 2011 and she shortly after that and since our marriage in 2013. After the church's reopened after the demonic lockdowns we were down to 40 people or so from about 80. On Corpus Christi Sunday we had 231, and choir directors always count from above. It was our largest congregation to date and wonderful. I am blessed that there are now 12 in our choir. This Sunday we will sing Palestrina's Sicut Cervus and Sitivit Anima Mea in honour of baptism and the Nativity of St. John the Baptist and the wonderful Ut Queant Laxis office hymn.   

I've read much of what is out there. I am aghast that a heretical professor of liturgy should be so ignorant, so wrong and so valued to affect how my family chooses to worship God. It is a scandal. I refer you to a response to that diatribe by Dom Alcuin Reid.

RORATE CÆLI: EXCLUSIVE: Dom Alcuin Reid’s Response to Prof. Grillo’s Interview (rorate-caeli.blogspot.com)

I also refer you to this advice by Father John Zuhlsdorf.

ASK FATHER: Attacks on the Vetus Ordo… “Aren’t you worried?” | Fr. Z's Blog (wdtprs.com)

Then, of course, we have the summoning of Archbishop Vigano to Rome to a trial. He may have gone too far but he is not totally wrong and Rome is clearly not in the right. Where is mercy? As a good friend of mine often reminds me, "They apply the law to their enemies and interpret it for their friends."  Remember, nearly two months ago, Archbishop Vigano made statements that he has witnesses that state that Bergoglio did things in Argentina comparable to those of Mr. McCarrick, the aging pervert in America. 

As for me, I will try to keep my peace. I will continue on safe in the knowledge that whatever is coming is temporary. The psalmist says, "May his days be shortened and another is bishopric take." No matter what these Roman rats think, they will be confounded. When people fear Francis II, I ask rhetorically, "How did a College of Cardinals appointed by John Paul II give us Benedict XVI and added to by Benedict XVI give us Francis?" One would assume we would have had a different Pope, one closer to the previous two. Yet, we did not. It was clear that they did not head the Holy Spirit. I remember Mahoney bragging on Twittter about "no more red shoes." and that the "pen was moving on its own." That should tell us all what motivated Mahoney. When Francis came out on the loggia, I had chills, I had the urge to vomit. Except for the help of St. Anthony in finding my palm pilot, wallet and wedding ring, someday I should write those stories, I've never been sensitive or given to spiritual premonitions or such. It was clear to me that this was a warning of what was to come. I write this to make it clear that we don't know who the next pope will be. I pray he comes soon and that he will lead the Church through those two pillars of St. John Bosco. Even though the majority of the College of Cardinals has been appointed by Pope Bergoglio there is no certainty that they will elect another like him. Africa will not follow, in fact, it will lead. When you wonder why certain Cardinals remain quiet or measured, it is because they will be stripped of their red hats and not be at the next Conclave. They must be there. Patience. Many Cardinals will have had enough. Not the Tagle's or Cardinal Kiss my Face or the Marxist Americans but they are not all of them. It will be a donnybrook and I expect they will bring forth a healer. I do not discount that many of them may not even be there. I think of the Fatima prophecy and the possibility that a terrorist strike at St. Peter's will wipe out many of them. We are in perilous times. God will fix this, but it won't be pretty. 

I know that if this one abolishes that which we hold dear, a power he really does not possess to do, he will be confounded for it. Judged. Sentenced. Imagine the harm and hurt and pain done to me, my wife, you, all those home-schooled children in my community and yours who desire nothing except to worship God as our ancestors did. Who are these Roman rats to prevent that? Who do they think they are? Papal primacy and infallibility (yes, we know its' limits) ultramontanism are all great when we have a good pope, not so much when we have one such as this.

As much as sedevacantism is a heresy. so is hyperpapalism. Francis is pope because the priests of the Diocese of Rome accept him as bishop and the Bishop of Rome is the Pope of the Catholic Church. See how simple that is? He has not lost the papacy, he may have lost the grace of office. He is Pope but that does not mean he is the "Holy" Father. I actually detest that phrase. There is no "holy" pope, there are no "holy" priests. The story below declares that. Only God is holy, only His Saints in Heaven are Holy. We Catholics are guilty of papolatry, we prove Jack Chick right, frequently. It needs to change. The Pope is the Servant of the Servants of God, not the dictator. I will not kiss his feet. The only feet I kiss belong to my wife. The Orthodox, the first and most important ecumenical need, want nothing to do with us. They understand really "synodality" and it is not Rome's.

This was longer than I intended. May God protect us. May he preserve us. May he keep us faithful to Him and guard our worship. May he confound our enemies and may their days all be shortened and others, their bishoprics take. 

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy upon us. 


Elizanna said...

Dear David, It is good to see you back with some of your own thoughts. I have followed your blog for a long time since I came back to the Catholic church after years in the evangelical wasteland and a few in Eastern Orthodoxy.I don't always agree with you (e.g., I am convinced that Bergoglio has never been a legitimate pope), but I respect your views. They have often given me pause to think more deeply on an issue.
You and your wife are in my prayers daily. May God bless you, and keep up your good work. And may God save His people and bless His inheritance.

Vox Cantoris said...


Thank you for your kindness. The only way that I have been able to rationalise that Bergoglio is the pope is by the example I gave. I have severe concerns about Benedict's renouncement. I have severe doubts about the conclave. But, the priests of Rome accept him as their bishop. That gives him the power of the office, I don't believe he has the grace. That's the only way I can rationalise it, by keeping it simple.

God bless you.

Elizanna said...

Dear David,

Thanks for your reply. I do understand your position on Bergoglio as pope. Sometimes "simple" is best in order for us to maintain our sanity and peace. One way or another, on this side or the other side of the veil, time will tell which of us is correct. Meanwhile we both trust that God is in control. Peace and blessings to you.

Siobhan7 said...

I'm amazed that these men do not fear God and what awaits them if they don't repent.

Siobhan7 said...

I'm amazed that these men do not fear God and what awaits them if they do not repent.

Vox Cantoris said...

The only reasonable answer is, they don’t believe.

Savio Lenn said...

David, where do you attend Sunday mass in Toronto? If you don't mind me asking..

Vox Cantoris said...

I don’t on Sundays. We drive 2 hours to my parish where I conduct the choir for the Latin Mass. occasionally I assist with the Cantor from Schomberg here on Feast days with Fr. Asch. It’s not as robust as it was, sadly.