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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Bergoglio answers phone at general audience - get's played!

Good satire. It had me fooled!

t's not the first time that Pope Francis took a phone call during a general audience in a
display of rudeness, narcissism, and personalism. I mean, what could be so important? Well, James Martin, of course. Must have been more plotting on the sodomic church of Bergoglio Well, if the man has any self-awareness, let this be a lesson for him not to be so rude to his guests. But I doubt it.

Read on and enjoy the schadenfreude:

Put an End to the Madness! - Crisis Magazine

"Unlike everyone else who witnessed the Holy Father taking a phone call in the middle of a General Audience in St. Peter’s Square the other day, I was not the least bit surprised. And why should I be, since I was the one who made the call?

No sooner had I dialed the number than I was put immediately through to the pope, who seemed quite delighted to hear from me. For about five seconds, that is, no doubt thinking I was the Reverend James Martin, whom I had instructed the switchboard operator at the Vatican to inform the pope was on the other line. 

And until things fell apart, which happened fairly quickly, I was hoping for a productive exchange. Once he realized he’d been snookered, however, he abruptly hung up, leaving me to imagine the number of heads likely to roll on the floor of the Vatican switchboard."

I wonder what happened to the switchboard operator?


Kathleen1031 said...

I wonder if this is true. It sounds like a true account, but how would anyone get his actual phone number. Regardless, it is impossible to imagine what goes through his demented mind, but after observing this man for a long time now, here seems a few safe bets. Why does he accept phone calls during a general audience?
Answer: He enjoys demonstrating to the people assembled, the Catholics, they are as nothing to him, not worthy of his full attention. He has shown himself to be a petty, hateful, vindictive man, who loves to poke his enemies in the eye (faithful Catholics) at every opportunity. Case in point: When faithful Catholics tried to kiss the papal ring, and he kept snatching his hand away. Only a cruel, mean person would do that, again and again he did it. Because it was enjoyable to him.
There's no reason to take a call during a General audience. He's not Batman. He enjoys showing the Catholics just what he thinks of them.
Odious. Evil person. God deliver us from him soon.

Vox Cantoris said...

Kathleen, he called the switchboard, they put him through because he said he was James Martin. S.J.

utahagen said...

It is difficult not to be impatient with Dr. Martin and others like him. Martin is an intelligent, educated man...yet he implores a diabolical Pope to save the Church. Where has Martin been? He cannot be so naive as to believe that Bergoglio is merely distracted. Please, fellow Catholics, stop being so polite. This is war, and war is messy. Stop imploring our oppressor to save us.

Kathleen1031 said...

Vox, I saw that, thank you, it is hard to imagine that working. It's not impossible I suppose, but hard to imagine it. If it worked, it's the prank of the year.

Anonymous said...

A Crisis Facebook commenter asserts that this reported incident is satire. It doesn't read like satire, but I can hardly believe that this actually happened. On the other hand, there is a lot going on in the world that I can hardly believe happens...

Anonymous said...

I agree it doesn't sound like satire. In fact, I'm more apt to believe he actually succeeded and someone at his office tried to spin it as a non-occurence so as not to get into trouble with the Vatican.