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A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 18 December 2022



Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life and a warrior in the fight against the murder of babies in the womb has been "laicized" by the Vatican where they actually refer to him as "Mr." The details can be read here: BREAKING: Vatican Dismisses Father Frank Pavone From Priesthood| National Catholic Register (ncregister.com) The dicastery decision, no doubt approved by Bergoglio, even goes so far as stating that there can be no appeals. Make no mistake, this repugnant and diabolical action would not have happened without the full knowledge and approval of Jorge Bergoglio.

I cannot even imagine where Father Pavone goes from here. I won't sink so low as to refer to him as, "Mister." However, I imagine he knows much on which he has kept silent. What does he know about bishops and cardinals and others who have milked the Church for their own gain and have worked against the Gospel of Life? As Musk now knows, Father Pavone knows where many bodies are buried, and I'm not speaking of those aborted.

The dichotomy between the two priests and their actions in the above cannot be more apparent. On the left is a priest accused of "blasphemy" by uttering a curse using the name of God (from which he repented) and on the right, a priest who blasphemes the truth of Catholic teaching on the sin of sodomy of which he has never repented and is left to continue. On the left, is a priest that has been accused of disobeying his bishop and being too aggressive on the matter of abortion, and on the right is a priest whose error is ignored consistently by the Superiors of his Society and the Archbishop of New York where he ministers. On the left, a priest upholds Catholic sexual morality, and on the right, one embraces and promotes the opposite. 

Just over a year ago, Phil Lawler wrote of the "coming showdown" Father Pavone's last stand | Catholic Culture. Father Pavone is a zealot for the unborn. Perhaps, in his zealousness, he has made some errors. Again, I refer back to the comparison above. The disobedience to the bishop is a serious one. Even St. Pio obeyed and went silent when it was ordered. But St. Pio was not dealing with mass murder. One wonders if this were the case, would he have retreated for the years that he did?

Look, this is not about uttering "g--- damn" or displaying fetal remains on a table sometimes used for Mass (not that it should ever have been, we are not in the catacombs, yet). This is about shutting him up and getting rid of him because of his zealous fight against the murder of the unborn.

This is the Vatican and Papacy that gives office space to Jeffery Sachs.

This is the Vatican and Papacy that has signed on and promoted the United Nations' anti-life sustainability goals.

This is the Vatican and Papacy that has utterly destroyed the Pontifical Academy for Life and is turning Catholic moral teaching on its head. 

This is from the Pope that praised Italy's Emma Bonino, a notorious abortionist. A post on this blog about his praise of her remains the most widely read in the history of this blog. Vox Cantoris: Pope Bergoglio! Shall we look at what she did?

I could go on.

No, this is not about an argument with a bishop, profanity, or bad judgment in presenting a visual argument. This is about those Vatican rats shutting up a man who is an attack on their own consciences and the Democrat Party politburo who has had enough of these uppity Catholics.

A stinking disgrace.


Brian said...

Very saddened to hear this news. The stage four Modernists in Rome strike again. What will Fr. Pavone do now? How about going solo. Certainly he has enough support. What does one do when a dismissal from the priesthood is completely unjust? There is such a thing as virtuous disobedience.

Irenaeus said...

This is wrong! "Disgrace" is apt.

mazara said...

They did not take that action against sexual abusers. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/say-no-to-pope-francis-removing-pro-life-hero-fr-frank-pavone-from-priesthood/

Ivanmijeime said...

Don't ya know what our Lady of Quito prophesied? Vatican wil (has) become seat of satan.

Dan said...

Also, remember, this comes on the heels of Bergoglio being unable to say exactly when an unborn child is a person. Tells me exactly where this fake church that calls itself Catholic is going. Soon to embrace abortion. Pachamama needs sacrifices.

TLM said...

The infiltration into the Church of Marxist Communist, pediphiliac, satan worshipers is now at saturation point. Not one penny to the Church until this atrocity is turned around, although at this point I'm not sure how effective that would be, seeing as though they're getting blood money from the government. Most of them should be laicized starting with Bergoglio.

chris griffin said...

Thank you for this brave and truthful article.

I can only say that God does Damn abortion and abortion advocates and that killing on an altar is endorsed in 1 Kings:2 so I see nothing this great priest did wrong.

Cybro said...

Are we surprised by this... It was foretold that Rome would burn... Now I can see why this would happen.

cairsahr_stjoseph said...

I would expect nothing less from the latest false pope.