Saturday, 2 July 2022

Send Us Thine Asteroid, O Lord


Cybro said...

Oh man... Luke 23:30 Then shall they begin to say to the mountains: Fall upon us; and to the hills: Cover us... Now I know what that means.

Constantine said...

Confused. Are they seriously asking God to wipe us out? Or is it a joke?

Name said...

Unfortunately they will soon get their prayers answered.

MartineGiambertone said...

I am wondering how to email your office, I need some help, you see I am frustrated at my Parish. I wonder if anyone has experienced the same frustration with priests not calling you back, ignoring your pleas. I belong to a parish and no one seems to care.
What can be done!

Kathleen1031 said...

In my opinion it is not a joke, it is a commentary on our moral state in the world today. It is hard to reconcile the world God graciously gave us with the depravity of what mankind has become.
This is brilliant, and beautifully rendered.

Christina ofs said...

I heard this in a homily after Pentecost a couple of weeks ago. I hope this helps!
Jesus came not to condemn, but to heal and save souls! Pray for the enemy, the sinner, be merciiful in your deeds with them, correct if necessary too with the Truth!

Luke 9:54
And when his disciples James and John had seen this, they said: Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them?

Lukke 9:55
And turning, he rebuked them, saying: You know not of what spirit you are.

Jesus was telling the disciples - no, not to condemn them, but to pray for their souls!

We should however, called down the Holy Spirit, the fire of Jesus' love!

Pax Tecum+

Christina ofs said...

My second comment.
What is the hymn this man is singing/praying??

Christina ofs said...

My comment to Martine;

We are all experiencing the same attitude from Novus Ordo priests in my area. I can only imagine they make it their own mass, which is true; secondly, some priests fear greatly the Bishop watching and cancelling them, which is also true!

I've had enough of this. One priest sat down, and let 15 lay people give the Holy Euchaist! I still have to muster the courage and be prepared to ask him what is his belief.