Monday, 25 July 2022


In December 2019, into January 2020, you may recall this writer asking for prayers due to a mysterious illness. Without going into details now, we all know what it was, the Wuhan SARS-CoV-2. I was treated at my local hospital, Trillium Health Mississauga. The care was excellent. Yet, today, something is amiss at Trillium. 

Yesterday, there were rumours online that three doctors were dead. Google searches turned up no mainstream media stories or obituaries except for the death of Dr. Paul Hannam of Toronto, an emergency room specialist who died suddenly whilst "jogging." He was at North
York General Hospital. Yet, the story about Trillium has been repeated on varied social media sites. I became suspicious not that it was true, but that it wasn't. Surely, this is news! I 
placed a call to Trillium's public affairs. I am awaiting a returned call. Clearly, the hospital administrators know that this has leaked out and are trying to develop a communication strategy. There is no comment at the time of writing. There remains nothing, at this point, on the Trillium website. Clearly, there is a tragedy here of some major proportions.

Three doctors dead; announced within four days!

Dr. Jakub Sawicki was associated with a pain management centre in Toronto's Polish village on Roncesvalles Avenue. A call there revealed that Dr. Sawicki has indeed, passed away. May he rest in peace. A call to the office of Dr. Stephen McKenzie in Mississauga has a recording stating that the "office is permanently closed" due to Dr. McKenzie having a "serious illness." The telephone at the office of Dr. Lorne Segall's office states that he has a "serious illness" and the office is closed and hoping to have a new doctor replacing him by September. Illness? Offices permanently closed?

First, may the Lord almighty grant eternal rest to the souls of Stephen McKenzie, Jakub Sawicki and Lorne Segall and may He comfort their families. May their memories be eternal and a blessing for those who knew them.

The evidence is above and below:

Three doctors at one large Toronto area hospital dead within one week. Another doctor dead whilst jogging. Look at the pictures of these three and the Dr. Hannam in the link above.

Yet, this is not news? Why is there no main-stream media reporting on this? Where is Rebel News? 

Are we all crazy conspiracy theorists for asking these questions?

Did all four doctors take their fourth injection of the Pfizer of Moderna injection? Did the hospital demand this of them? Who else is dead? Nurses? Orderlies? Other staff?

What are the scientific odds of their deaths just happening in one place in such a close proximity of time short of a war?

There needs to be an immediate cessation of all "vaccinations" and a public inquest. 

We are not conspiracy theorists when it is a conspiracy.


Cybro said...

And if the WEF criminal cartel can't kill people with the vaxx, they are going to starve them to death through environmental laws. Canada and the US will soon experience what is happening in Holland. Starving whole populations is right out of the Communists play book.

Irenaeus said...

Very suspicious.

BrotherBeowulf said...

Feast of Pope Saint Innocent I
28 July, 2022 A. D.

Highly suspicious indeed. Of four deaths, no cause of death is given but for the case of Dr. Segal, that being advanced lung cancer. Even that doesn't factor in to whether the poison death shots exacerbated his condition or otherwise played any role in hastening his death.

Dr. Hannam, 50 years old died during a "fun run," we are assured, that ended the life of the former 1996 Atlanta Olympics sailor, who “died of sudden cardiac failure early into a fun run on the 16th of July 2022.”

Sudden cardiac arrest is a primary deadly side effect of the Covid-19 injections. It is hard to see how the hospital seeks to put rumors to rest with such a cryptic announcement.

Will either hospital deny the four doctors received the Covid-19 injections, up to and including the last of the four shots very recently? I would doubt it. Perhaps an honest person or one of the whistleblowers at Trillium can confirm the administration of the fourth shot/second 'booster' in recent weeks.

Absent any cause of death in three of the four cases, will the hospitals be conducting autopsies to determine whether the Covid-19 injections can be cleared of causing their obviously untimely deaths?

I would doubt it, because Trillium and North York General Hospital do not want to know--or more specifically: do not want the general populace to know--of the deadly effect of the Covid-19 injections. I believe both institutions are fully aware of the adverse side effects of the Covid-19 injections.

The poor men. Failure to follow the Hippocratic Oath and their silence in the face of the obviously dangerous Covid-19 so-called 'vaccines', it would appear, have come back to haunt them.

Requiescat in Pacem, if that be possible.

C. P. Benischek