Monday, 16 May 2022

Bishop Anthony Daniels and his invitation to Synod 2021-2023 - Diocese of Grand Falls

Anthony Daniels, the Catholic Bishop of the suffering Diocese of Grand Falls has issued a video on the "Synod on Synodality." Little Bishy Tony had it shown instead of the homily at all Masses. It's had 58 views. We can up it to show what a putrid, sissy, incompetent idiot this clown really is.

Tony, you want to listen? You're a stinking liar. You will only listen to those pre-selected. You won't listen to the likes of me.

In the Diocese of St. Johns in Newfoundland, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is up for sale, so is every church. These pathetic devils think the people of Newfoundland should pay to buy the churches they already paid for so that the victims of the sodomite priests that they covered up can be compensated for a life of hell.

Speaking of hell, enjoy your stay.


elpine flower said...

Movie coming in which we all have played a part .

wife said...

Yes, this is stomach turning. EWWW. Gag me with a spoon.

Father John Matthew Duffy said...

In this extremely complex and delicate time since the Council of Vatican II priests HAVE been listening to people with great compassion and sensitivity. I very deeply resent the bishop’s slanderous caricature of priests as ruthless, ignorant and imperious officials who do not care about the thoughts, feelings and struggles of humanity. For the homeless, afflicted and marginalized the priest is very often the ONLY person in the world who listens to them.

Furthermore, the modern world has not been shy - at all - in boldly expressing it’s opinions to the Church. Reflecting on the mass apostasy that has occurred over the last six decades, the Church has perhaps listened to the world too much. The synthesis of dangerous philosophies and pseudo-values has now created the Anti-gospel. As such, the present apostolic leadership of the Church should revert to the authentic Catholic Faith by listening to the True Christ - before they “listen” to the world. And as the Church possesses the Truth of the Eternal Word, I do not see merit in the over-emphasis of “listening” to those who are deliberately uninformed and those who are rebellious.

In a blasphemous age that is shaking it’s fist in rebellion against against God and the Natural Law, I very strongly suggest that the world should be “listening” to the full and authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s distillate which is Catholic Doctrine - while we still have time…

Finally, I am somewhat amused by self-styled “progressives” who demand a “listening” church. Fascistic “liberals” do not listen to anybody - except themselves.

Father John Matthew Duffy
Toronto, Canada