Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Tabernacle stolen from Canadian Catholic cathedral

Tabernacle stolen from Canadian Catholic cathedral: The Bishop of St. Catharines, Ontario is appealing for thieves to return the consecrated Host after the tabernacle was stolen from the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral on Tuesday.


The poorly secured tabernacle was found in the Welland Canal. 

Police have released a photo of the thieves. 


Ana Milan said...

I find it difficult to believe that a Tabernacle can be actually removed without a security camera & alarm,linked to the nearest police station, being activated & a recording made of the crime & its perpetrators leading to a quick arrest. The fact that it was from a cathedral makes this crime incredulous when one sees security cameras in small parish churches pointing directly at the Tabernacle, how many more should there be in cathedrals, especially over the Tabernacle as in my local church!

Tom A. said...

Tabernacles belong on altars. The NO church has been removing tabernacles from altars and sanctuaries for decades. This thief just beat them to the punch. After all, tabernacles are stumbling blocks to ecumenism.

Peter Lamb said...

satan thinks he is winning, but fool that he is, he got a novus ordo cookie! No good for black mass dood!

Irenaeus said...

The tabernacle has been found not too far from the Cathedral, partially submerged in a canal and with pieces of the ciborium missing. After Mass yesterday afternoon, someone came to the Cathedral with one of the tabernacle doors. The other tabernacle door is still missing.

Kathleen1031 said...

There is no excuse for not having things secured and out of reach if possible. Security cameras should absolutely be used. They're only going to be analyzed if a crime is committed. Lock it down, put it up where they can't get it. This should not happen today, when we see what's out there.
But importantly, please don't blather, "We forgive whoever did this...we pray for them...please...come talk to us...", or any similar sentiment. We have lost the respect of the world because we put no value on sacred objects, houses of worship, statuary, and even Catholics. We have invited attacks by being pacifists. Catholicism is not Buddhism. We need to learn the difference and speak and act accordingly. Charge these two. Expect restitution. I don't care if it's $10.00 a week for a lifetime, have them pay it.

Anonymous said...

Very good comments about this SACRILEGE by Dr.Taylor Marshall.

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