Friday, 25 September 2020

More corruption and malfeasance in the Church of Bergoglio

Bergoglian saint-maker, Angelo Becciu, has been removed from his curial role and his has lost his rights as a Cardinal.

Bergoglio appointed this scumbag and it is inexcusable that he could not have known of his doings. 

From the combox at Father Z's blog.

It now becomes clear why the Pope moved tonight to remove Cardinal Becciu, ahead of L'Espresso publishing an expose of the how Becciu diverted Peter's Pence money to speculative funds managed by his brother, and to a company where another brother is a majority shareholder— Catholic Sat (@CatholicSat) September 24, 2020

 From a friend, who is a priest and shall remain nameless … ” This is huge. Cardinal Becciu was the man who rail-roaded Cardinal Pell’s financial reforms after Cdl Pell detected Becciu’s involvement in one of the biggest financial scandals ever to rock the Vatican. Seems no coincidence that Becciu has been so severely disciplined only months after Cardinal Pell was exonerated and freed. There were always concerns about possible Roman puppeteers inflaming Victoria Police’s persecution of Cdl Pell. Perhaps we have found one? The question is, who directed Becciu? They will be the puppet master.”

Don't worry. Bergoglio will replace him soon with more of his ilk.

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