Thursday, 3 September 2020

New York Jesuit blasphemes Mass and forces congregants to kneel to the Marxist rabble at Black Lives Matter.

No need for me to write much of anything on this other than this. This alleged priest is demonic and has lost the faith. If he were a true priest, he would never have defiled the Holy Sacrifice in such a manner. His order, the Jesuits, are filled with cretins such as these. They will get a severe judgement from God. If you are ever at a Mass you must stand and defy this sacrilege and blasphemy. Then, you must walk out and never return. Do not give one penny of your money to these filthy wretched devils.

For the full story, go here to Father Z!


mazara said...

Kneel to man, but not to receive Christ in the Blessed Sacrement, new religion of antichrist, man placing himself above God.

Anonymous said...

A deceased former Jesuit priest friend taught at Regis High School in NYC.He told me , "If you want your child to lose his Faith , send him there."
he left the Jesuits and became a Catholic Melkite Archimandrite having assisted our Catholic Missionary parish to rid ourselves of a cross dresser pastor. Unfortunately , almost fifteen years later his Bishop died and was replaced.Prior to his own death my Faithful Archimandrite friend expressed bewilderment as to why his new Bishop, whom he never met, was deriding his good name according to what several fellow priests told him.
The answer was clear after this wonderful priest passed. The new Bishop had hired the formerly exiled cross dressing "priest" as his personal secretary.
Be aware that these perverted men who have entered into the Church , will lie and concoct hate towards those who dedicate themselves in righteousness to the Word Made Flesh and His people.

Ana Milan said...

Another ageing Jesuit spouting Liberation Theology that has been proven to be a farce. Our Lord told us we would always have the poor amongst us but we wouldn’t always have Him. These prophetic words are at last hitting home since our Churches have been closed, the sacraments denied & income so drastically reduced that appeals for an immediate increase in donations are now appearing on church notice boards & doors.

The first & last time I had to remove myself from a priest’s talk was nearly five decades ago when another Jesuit (wouldn’t you know) was giving the parish retreat. His vile renderings about women’s bodies (IMO a homosexual) made me head for the door, followed, I was told afterwards, by the entire congregation. The PP profusely apologized, dismissed the Jesuit & replaced him with a Marist to continue the retreat. It was a pity this congregation didn’t do the same as it’s the only way to get our rightful opinions across!

Anonymous said...

One thought Ana,
Voris recently ran an article about a priest who was watching an old film of his Baptism. He realized the Sacrament performed by a Deacon was invalid. The Deacon did not say the Words while pouring the water.The end result was a ripple effect invalidating all the sacraments ,including his own Ordination,from the time he thought he received Holy Orders.
I have repeatedly questioned whether these sodomite men who choose to be a cleric as a career choice, have the necessary Proper Intention , to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The so called theological excuses I have seen in print do NOT satisfy to change my opinion. Grace is not magic. The fruits we have seen bear witness to answer the question for us.
Although these perverts celebrate the Mass and all the Sacraments ,God knows the flock is not at fault, but isn't it obvious Grace is still lacking?

Vox Cantoris said...


Tom A. said...

The Novus Ordo is blasphemy and sacrilege. Get up and leave and never return. It is not one or two wacky Jesuits that are the problem. It is the new Mass and Vatican 2. They are the source of all these evils. Flee from tthe Novus Ordo.

Kathleen1031 said...

I concur with Tom A here. There is no other conclusion a reasonable Catholic can make. We've seen far more than enough. I still feel a diocesan Latin Rite Holy Mass is valid when said by an obviously faithful, traditionalist Catholic priest. We give nothing toward the diocese however, no financial support, only gift cards to the faithful priest. We have no idea if this is good, bad, or indifferent. We have to do the best we can with what we have. That being said, we haven't been back since Covid closed the churches, something that should never have happened. They are probably understanding that now.

Anonymous said...

Tom A,
I am old enough to remember that prior to Vat 2 things were changing in the Church and not for the better.
Which came first the chicken or the egg? something was smelling bad in the egg which served as the basis for the recipe for Vatican Two.
Sodomite Marxist communists were planted in the seminaries and gained a foothold by the end of 1939. Dodd confirmed it.
The proof was in the V2 pudding.

Tom A. said...

Anon 11:02. Agree. Modernism has been hammering away at the Catholic Faith for over a 100 years. V2 and the NO were the official start of the new religion. That is why Catholics should stay completely away from the new religionists whether their sacraments are valid or not.

Kathleen1031 said...

Tom A, why do you think God would allow His church to go bad. I know this is impossible to answer, but I'm sure you've thought about it.

Tom A. said...

Kathleen, everything God allows is to eventually show His greater glory. All He does and allows is for His greater glory. One day all will see this manifest itself in front of our eyes. We do not know how or when but we do know with certitude that it will happen.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Kathleen, God has not allowed " His church to go bad." Remember the Mystical Body - we are the Members and Christ is the Head. The Body can't go bad because the Head is infinitely good. No, God's Church has been invaded by agents of satan and they have created a new "church" - the ape of the Catholic Church, in the buildings, properties and offices which were previously occupied by the Catholic Church. The indefectible, incorruptible Catholic Church has been pushed out of its house and now lives, still intact - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, - and entire, in little groups in the fields and wherever a faithful Catholic resides. The novus ordo sacraments, except Baptism and Matrimony, are invalid. Full stop.

Dear Anonymous @ 11:34 am, We cant read minds, so if a Celebrant could secretly invalidate a Sacrament by withholding proper intent to himself, we could never know if any Sacrament was valid, or not. So, to invalidate a Sacrament an evil " priest" must do one of two things:
1. He must openly and publicly state that he is withholding the intention of what the Church intends, or
2. He must confect the Sacrament in a visible, or audible way which is not the way the Church does it. If he confects the Sacrament as the Church does it, he thereby publicly confirms that he has the intention of the Church. So, HE CAN"T CROOK WITHOUT US KNOWING ! He must either tell us he is crooking, or clearly indicate to us that he is crooking, so he can't successfully crook the sacrament without us knowing. :)