Saturday, 5 September 2020

Massimo Faggioli - An embedded enemy of the faith

An embedded enemy of the faith. That is what the now powerless and retired to a nursing home Thomas Rosica is. The same applies to hundreds of others including this self-alleged "theologian."

His latest tirade is against Father Z.

These are enemies to the faith. There is no further way to describe them.


Anonymous said...

Fr Z needs to walk cautiously on his public blog. He is unaware of who all his enemies and true friends are within the ranks of clerics.
The Faithful Fr Ashley learned this difficult lesson as did we all, even those who warned him ahead of time and knew were shocked by the hubris of these homosexual prelates and priests.
Filthy language spilled from the mouth of one favored by the Bishop. The same is now a Bishop too, rewarded for his homosexual prowess in garnering private property from gullible parishioners who were exceedingly grateful to have the Tridentine Mass celebrated at their chapel, even if it was staffed with only sodomites.
How sad we all were to witness how that evil Bishop sent our Fr Ashley away. The pastor now is one who learned from Father Ashley and hen turned on him. Fr Z calls that same charlatan his "friend". All of deceased Bishop McHugh's Boyz are frauds, even if they say the Latin Mass.

Kathleen1031 said...

No doubt these men are full of treachery. Abp. Vigano is in hiding for a reason. Things must be getting a little tense for the insiders, who don't have quite as many dumb sheep as they did only a short while ago. There is probably enough property and money from various sources to keep them afloat for a while, but at some point it's going to be obvious Catholics are on to them and wising up, as at the Wednesday audiences. Mockery and isolation of your target is a Marxist strategy, and certain types have made it a catty art form.
All faithful priests, bishops, and laity will be their targets. At this point you can pretty easily figure out who is with Christ and His church by seeing who they keep on the outside or despise.
The sheep and the goats have identified themselves.

Mother Effingby said...

I misread theologians for theohooligans.

Ana Milan said...

Massimo, a theologian? LOL. He joins Austen Ivereigh, Christopher Lamb & the knitter Michael Winters as the most erroneous & scurrilous writers/commenters on MSM to-day.