Saturday, 29 February 2020

When will Salt + Light feel the burn?

How long until Pepper + Darkness takes down this old video interview from Tommy Rosica and the baby-killing, atheist Jew, communist radical Bernie Sanders?


Eccles said...

Oh dear, that's not going to do much for Sanders's credibility.

Kathleen1031 said...

I can't believe how far he's gotten. That alone is terrible, because Americans are primed to eventually wear down and give people what they want.
Our Catholic Church is filled with Communists or Communist sympathizers.
We'll know which side our Bishops are on. We should be hearing defense of the unborn, since Sanders is 100% committed to killing the unborn right up to the moment of birth, infanticide, and he has promised no Justice on the Supreme Court will be appointed unless they hold that view as well.
Someone explain to me how Catholics can support Sanders, knowing this.
Someone explain to me how Bishops can support Sanders, knowing this.
But they do.
And bear in mind, Sanders is the only candidate that has been brought to the Vatican to meet our dear leader, Francis.

Brian said...

Well, there are two whelps, from the same litter.

Blue said...

You know that any man who supports Bergoglio/Francis is an enemy of Christ, His Church, and therefore, mankind.

Anonymous said...

So glad I stopped watching TV and canceled cable tv years ago so I don't pay a monthly tribute however small to the Hollywood monster of BIG entertainment which the novus ordo loves or at least watches many more hours of tv than they pray or read any of the books written by the great pre v2 saints.