Sunday, 9 February 2020

Arrogant and pompouse, the Bargolian rat Sorondo proves he is one!

Oh my, this is just too good. Hats off to Diane Montagna at LifeSiteNews who no doubt used her charms (and I mean that in the most respectful and positive way) to bring out the worst in some Argentinean scumbag inappropriately ordained a priest who grew up to be a most corrupt ecclesiast and butt-kisses the global elite on behalf of a most disgraceful Argentinian bumpkin who usurped the Seat of Peter and remains on it - an un-lanced boil.

From the get-go, Montagna does not shy away from the tough questions and just does it with such humility and directness that the apostate Sorondo is flummoxed. So much so, he chooses instead to insult her - calling her "lady" and then that she is a "fanatic."

I think the best part was when Ms Montagna corrected the idiot Sorondo on Holy Scripture.  He continues on to insult Donald J. Trump for not being Catholic, Cardinal Raymond Burke for being one and then goes on to endorse sacrilege and unworthy reception of Holy Communion.

DM: I’m just thinking of the good of his soul – and for the good of her soul. St. Paul is very clear about how we can eat condemnation upon (cf 1 Cor. 1:29)…

BS: Yes, but St. Paul is very clear also to say, “my only judge is my conscience.” St. Paul said it.

DM: No, no he didn’t. He said that the Lord is his judge. He said: “Not even I can judge myself. The Lord is my judge” (cf. 1 Cor. 4:4).

BS: The Lord is my judge, but the Lord is in my conscience.

DM: The Lord isn’t necessarily if we don’t have …

BS: He’s not in the conscience of the bishop or the cardinal…

DM: But if you don’t have a well-formed conscience where divine grace is actually active, then your conscience is probably lying to you. The darkness of the intellect…

BS: This is your interpretation. Sorry, I don’t want to continue to speak with you because you are completely… and you want only to make polemics. You need to be very happy and to say to your Cardinal Burke, “Look the president [of Argentina] goes to the Mass.” This is the important fact. And your president did not go to the Mass.

DM: What do you mean, my president?

BS: Say this.

DM: My president in terms of President Trump?

BS: Yes. He does not go to the Mass.

DM: But he’s not Catholic. He’s not Catholic.

BS: Exactly! This is a great difference.

DM: He’s not Catholic. But President Trump went in January... he was the first U.S. president ever to go to the March for Life with thousands and thousands of young people.

BS: Yeah, to have the votes of the Catholics. To have the votes of the Catholics. Say this to Cardinal Burke. And in fact, I heard that Cardinal Burke is against President Trump.

DM: Is against?

BS: Yes. Yes.

DM: Or he went to see him?

BS: He is against many things that [Trump] says.

DM: Well, you don’t have to agree with everything President Trump does. But he’s saving babies. He’s saving babies.

BS: Please, lady, understand the Catholic ideas and do not be fanatic, do not be fanatic.

DM: Okay…

BS: If you continue to speak with me, do not be fanatic. Try to use reason.

DM: I am. Okay. Thank you very much.

Bergoglio has succeeded in surrounding himself with the most corrupt and vile men. This Sorondo probably takes the cake and one wonders what else.

Read the whole article and the interview. It is just so bad and so good, all at the same time.

Oh my, the rats are so exposed.


Dan said...

"Yeah lady, don't be a fanatic about the Faith..... that's not what being a Catholic is all about...."

More proof the Church has been stolen. Call them masons. Call them homosexuals. Calls them satanists. In fact, probably all three.

I am not hopeful concerning the shrinking holdouts that still proclaim the faith. ALL the power is in the hands of those destroying the Faith.

Yes I know the promise of Christ, but I also know His question as to whether or not He would find the Faith upon His return.

TheFlyingTigers said...

Bishop Sorondo got angry because a Roman Catholic woman called out his perfidious unbelief in public.

His 'christ' is not the Jesus of the Gospels, but instead a social justice warrior who loves Communist China's excellent implementation of Catholic social principles.

A voice that cries in the desert... said...

A Vatican intelligence official in 2017 said that himself and Bergoglio were freemasons, and the Argentinian intelligence official adds that Sorondo is a freemason. Here is the video: (Bergoglio is mentioned at 57 seconds into the video and Sorondo is mentioned at minute 1:47)

Johnno said...

Ah yes... the good ol' fallback when you don't know what you're talking about and are losing the argument...

"But... like... that's just YOUR interpretation... man!"

Hence why even speaking to these people leads nowhere.

I hope Sorando's driver gets this liberal with interpreting the red and green stop light signals so that he can get to the other side ahead of schedule and take his conscience with him.

TF said...

Is Diane Montagna daring to teach the Cardinal? Where is Steve Skojec? He needs to set her straight! "No teaching, you woman! My women writers don't do that. Neither do my men for that matter. They just write stuff."

**not a precise quote of Steve Skojec**

Pines Baguio said...

Wolves in sheep's clothing! These wolves are now exposing themselves because they are feeling their power under Bergoglio! But in the end, our Blessed Mother Mary will crush the serpent's head and our Lord Jesus Christ triumphs! The HOLY TRINITY, triumphs! God, how much longer? BLESS US Your GRACES, PATIENCE, STRENGTH and COURAGE that we can STAY FIRM and STRONG with our FAITH and LOVE for you as you LOVE US, Amen! FORGIVE US of ALL our INEQUITIES/ SINS and SAVE US!

Peter Lamb said...

Who needs more proof that frankenchurch is not the Catholic Church?

Kathleen1031 said...

As a woman, his comments are completely infuriating, and I say that as someone who finds all the contemporary "outrage" pretty absurd and overblown. But in this case, outrage would be appropriate. He demonstrates a horrific level of arrogance and chauvinism, actually he goes into blatant disrespect, for Ms. Montagna as a Catholic, and as a woman. He is rudely dismissive, and uses terminology which highlights his disregard for her as either a Catholic or a woman. His mother failed him, she failed to teach him proper respect, mere politeness, really. He is a throwback, a very pompous and arrogant man. How dare she correct him, how dare she ask him, when he knows all, and she is merely a woman, she knows nothing. And he dares to call her a fanatic, he insults her, when she is being merely Catholic.
It is a telling performance, and there it is. These monsters talk about incorporating women into the church, but the truth is they hate women. Look, homosexuals are a very complex blend of disordered impulses, obsessions, and personality traits, we aren't ever going to comprehend the thinking and the actions. We just need to know under the smiling surface there is a roiling, hot mess of a person, who probably behaves in a totally vile manner in many ways. They have no place being in the church, but they're there filling the place up with their disorder and making an utter and stinking mess of it. How God will uproot them, I'm sure I don't know, but my job is only to stay Catholic while they're in there stinking up the place. I keep my sanity by attending the Latin Rite exclusively, avoiding giving these men ANY money and completely ignoring every syllable that comes out of their twisted mouths. They hate us, and if I am honest I will say, it's mutual. I ask God for their salvation, but in my opinion they are evil.

Anonymous said...

Sorondo sounds just like every V2 novus ordo priest in NYC.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

To call him a 'Bergoglian' is not exactly right, since he was consecrated Bishop personally by John Paul II, who also appointed him Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (which deals with Catholic Social Teaching).

c matt said...

Obi -wan: "It is a wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Luke: "Are you talking about the cantina?"

Obi-wan: "No, the Vatican."