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Questioning Same-Sex "Marriage?" - Blame the leaders of the Catholic Church!

For my non-Catholic readers you may find that title surprising, for some of my Catholic readers you may find it scandalous. However I suspect most of you will know exactly what it means.

As you know by now, the Supreme Court of the United States of America in a 5-4 vote decided that two men or two women have the constitutional right to enter into a legal marriage. What a lie. What utter poppycock. 

As for the comments by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' President, you're a little late. You did this. You and your colleagues and your predecessors. You are a scandal to the faithful. You are a disgrace to the Martyrs.

Marriage is between one man and one woman, period. You can call this legal definition whatever you want  but marriage, it is not. 

In Canada, we have had it forced upon us for a decade now. I recall the years before the debate with the news articles about why such an abomination was necessary. We were presented with stories about how a co-habitating couple who were together for many years found themselves cut out of medical decisions or funeral arrangements for one or the other by cruel and vindictive families of the ill or deceased. We heard about how their health benefits were not available to the other (corporations quickly changed that lest they be accused of discrimination). Houses and bank accounts were frozen and the poor survivor was left homeless or penniless after death. And then of course, it was all about his and his towels, kitchen appliances and how much they love one another. These arguments never seemed to be part of the debate in America which seemed to centre specifically around "equality." While that was the eventual argument here under the minority rights provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it was not how Canadians were softened up. 

The truth is, it was never about marriage. One did not need "marriage" to affect inheritance, property financial security or visits in a hospital, decisions by others as to treatment or funeral arrangements. Canada, after all, is a nation with laws and legal precedence and civil courts and legislation. No "gay" couple needed marriage to give them legal protection. They needed a Last Will and Testament, a Power of Attorney for Personal Care, a Power of Attorney Over Personal Finances, an "On Title" to a property, "Joint Tenantship" to a lease. You see, legal protections were already there for any two persons to make any kind of legal relationship that they desired. If I were not married, I could give my brother or my best friend legal decisions or my medical care or finances should I become incompetent. 

All western and probably most other nations have these kinds of legal instruments. No, it was never about marriage and it was never about love. It is about destroying the fundamental foundation of a civil and rightly-ordered society, the nuclear family. It has been a battle going on for half a century or more now that began with contraception, then no-fault divorce, abortion and the decriminalisation and legalisation of sodomy, what our Criminal Code of Canada called, "buggery."

The most intense study ever done on the population of homosexuals reveals that no more than about 2% of people are self-described, homosexuals. So, how does 2% of the population manage this? They wield this power because enough others are afraid to be called "bigots" and while they may not identify as "homosexual" they have had an experience with sodomy and are "bi-sexual" and some are blackmailed. It has happened because most people watch pornography and are chronic masturbators and their minds and reason have been poisoned by their own sexual perversions. They fear being called a hypocrite and they do not want to be judged for their own escapades with pornography, masturbation and massage parlours and prostitutes so they turn from the truth and allow license for everyone. 

All of us have sinned and have and continue to fall short of the glory of God.

It was then and is about a fundamental hatred of the One Supreme God, the sacrificial offering of His Son and the intense hatred for His Church and by Church I mean, the Catholic Church as most protestants have long since apostatised from the Truth in the matter of marriage in addition to doctrine.

And it is the Catholic Church itself that has caused it all. Or perhaps I should say, it is the leadership of the Catholic Church, not the Church as the Mystical Body, but the leaders who have caused this abomination to happen to our nations. This lie has been given to us by Catholics. 

In the decision yesterday in America, it was two Catholic Justices, Kennedy and Sotomayor, an Irishman and a Hispanic woman, both baptised and raised Catholic who did this. In fact, if only one of them was not blind to the Truth the vote would have been 5-4 in the other direction. 

In Ireland, the bishops of that once Catholic land presided over the disaster of a referendum favouring this abomination of same-sex "marriage" looking at best as deer in headlights. 

In Canada, we never had the chance to vote for it. It was forced upon us out of the blue by a Catholic Prime Minister who was a failure as a leader by the name of Paul Martin. There was no election mandate. The roots of it were already in place thanks to four other Catholic Prime Ministers, Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, Joseph Clark and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. These men, contributed each to the weakening of the Parliamentary system and the constitutional framework unknown before in this country that gave us judicial activism. Martin wanted to act before the Supreme Court forced it. We the people had little choice but as Canadians, we just went along to get along.

You see then?

It was Catholics in Canada and the United States imbued with false understanding of the One, True, Faith and blinded by secularism, liberalism and dictatorship of relativism hat gave us this situation. It happened because bishops failed to teach the faith properly for the last have century or more. It happened because the destruction of the liturgy lead to weak Catholics. It drove people from Mass and the Sacraments and the priests failed to preach the Truth. 

Last October, we saw the filth and lies of these same bishops put forward in a Synod of the Church that would literally anoint sodomy for the "gifts" it can bring to the Church. All under the eyes of Pope Francis himself.

The consciences of these parliamentarians, congressmen, senators, prime ministers, presidents, and supreme court judges; Catholics many of them, were ill-formed and darkened by a corrupted Church that has betrayed Our Lord Jesus Christ because the Church has been infiltrated by sodomites and Marxists who hate Her and wish to bring about Her destruction because the Catholic Church is the only thing that stands in their way of total world domination. 

The push for this abomination began in Holland and Belgium and Canada soon followed. Yet the United States is the most culturally hegemonic nation in the world. The disaster of this decision will have profound affects on other nations that have not yet gone down this road.

The truth is that persons who are "homosexuals" have much wrong with them. Aside from the "sin which cries out to heaven" they die younger and will continue to do so - "marriage" will not change reality. They die from hideous diseases and younger than the rest of the population. Suicide rates, violence between "lovers" depression, drug-abuse, alcoholism, self-mutilation. All of these are higher by significant percentages compared to the general population. It is not alleged discrimination that causes these conditions, it is their physical behaviour and the untreated spiritual and psychological conditions that lead to the physical manifestations. 

Anal cancer (with caution, you can google the pictures and see what sodomy can cause) is 50% higher than the normal. Parasites such as amoebiasis due to oral-fecal contact and giardiasis, gonorrhea and anal warts (condyloma acuminata) abound in the population. Anorectal sepsis, Epstein-Barr Syndrome, Burkitt's Lymphoma, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Karposi's Sarcoma, Hepatitis, AIDS, Prostrate Cancer, colitis, enterities, proctitus, proctocolitus and diseases of the mouth which would cause horror to view. 

All this, because the leaders of the Holy Catholic Church have and continue to fail to teach the truth with clarity and charity that homosexual relations are not only sinful and against the Laws of God and nature but they are deadly. 

All men and women are children of God made in His Divine image and are called to something greater. This includes homosexuals and lesbians.

They are loved by the Triune God and the Father call them through the Holy Spirit to come to the Son, Our LORD Jesus Christ for salvation.

God does not will that they die in their sin and are lost in Hell. He wants them, as He wants all of us in heaven for eternity with Him.

If the Church does not proclaim the Truth with clarity, no Year of Mercy is going to save them.

God help us.


Martina Katholik said...

CFN Interview with Randy Engel on
“Homosexuality and the New World Order”

JV – I can understand why Organized Crime would have a vested interest in promoting and funding the Homosexual Movement. I can also understand, given the large amount of disposable income that many homosexual have, why the movement would attract some support from Corporate America. But I don’t quite understand what the elite of the New World Order has to gain by promoting homosexuality?

RE – Again, John, I’d need a book to answer that question thoroughly, but let me give you a simple response by referring back once again to Dr. Richard Day’s speech on the New World System.

According to Day, the sine quo non of the New World Order is population control. While we pro-lifers generally associate population control with contraception, abortion, sterilization and the like, this is a very limited view of the meaning of the term. Day makes it very clear that for the Puppet Masters of the NWO, population control has a much broader meaning. It means total control over every aspect of human life – education, economics and finances, religion, entertainment, transportation, medicine, the arts, national defense, politics, medicine, science and technology, sports, law enforcement, agriculture and farming, and ultimately, who shall live and who shall die.

JV – So population control is, in fact, people control?

RE – Correct.

JV – Alright then, how does homosexuality fit into the NWO scheme?

RE – Well, first let me state that there have always been two natural enemies of totalitarianism of any stripe – the family and religion. The advancement of homosexuality and other forms of deviant sexual behavior, as we have seen from the current battle over “gay marriage,” is designed to undermine both marriage and family, as well as the natural law and traditional morality. The goal of the NWO is to create a generation of polymorphous perverts – narcissistic, isolated and rootless individuals who, being enslaved by their own unnatural passions, will not present any serious opposition to their new slave masters.


JV – Randy, you have painted a rather bleak scenario of life under the New World Order and the role of the Gay Liberation Movement in helping to bring it about. Do you foresee any viable opposition coming from the Catholic Church with regard to stemming the Homosexual Movement’s advance and that of the NWO?

RE – As I document in my latest book, The Rite of Sodomy (, thus far, the Church has been unwilling or unable to stem the tide of homosexuality both within its own ranks and in society at large. Resistance to so-called “gay marriage” and other abominations has come from individual traditional Catholics, from Evangelicals, and other concerned citizens.

As for leading an organized opposition to the NWO, as Day stated in 1969, “You think the churches will oppose us. I tell you they will help us.” And he did not make any exception for the post-Conciliar Catholic Church.

Interview with Dr. Richard Day, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Director :

Anonymous said...

"A scandal to the faithful and a disgrace to the Martyrs", yes. Don't forget America's most powerful shepherd though - television, the media. imho, they even elect our leaders. Just tonight the TV reporter mentioned how the anger at the court's ruling yesterday would hurt the conservatives in the next election. Great post. Take care. No one will snatch Jesus' sheep out of His hands.

Dorota said...

Testimony by Kay Griggs, a US miltary wife, long and credible, can be found on you-tube. Her husband, who among many others hang out with president Bush when older, and with Einstein as a younger man, got very talkative when under the influence of alcohol. Kay explains how sodomy is a constant element of all kinds of hazing rituals for cadets, sorority members and so on. She is informed about the Scull and Bones and their sodomite practices in caskets. She talks about the US military and port authority, where no one gets promoted unless they prove themselves willing to be sodomised by higher ranking officers or executives, in order to acquire total loyalty to the organization (they deem themselves prone to blackmail). She talks about surgical, strategic and political murders by these "existentialists" who do not believe in God, but believe that ends justify the means. I am afraid the Jesuit order has been completely infiltrated by homosexuals and may be employing similar tactics. When Jorge Bergoglio got elected to be pope (bishop of Rome, according to him), Masons celebrated, saying that the world would never be the same again. They were right. The homo-mafia has been making incredible gains. When one looks at the publications of the so called Gay-Straight Alliances obligatory in all schools, not condemned by Catholic bishops yet again, one sees clearly that they openly talk about making leaders. Gay marriage has never been about tolerance and equality, and GSA have never been about bullying, safe places and such. It has always been about taking all positions of power, rejecting the oppressive and evil heteronormativity and making deviance (aka diversity) the new and obligatory norm. It seems that being normal/straight is... very backward, very last century, something to be ridiculed and not tolerated. I predict that sodomites will soon be raping heterosexuals as punishment, and that our media will not report it, and our police will not investigate it. They already talk about (forgive me for what I am going to say, but we should be talking about it) the incredible contributions they have made to boring heterosexual lives by showing them the joys of the rectum. They are targeting all children now.

Armigerous said...

"As for Rome,speak to me not of 'holy mother church'....for I am Prince of Orange...and I don't consort with Roman whores !"

~Henry X~

Anonymous said...

Both leaders and laity are to blame for the world rotting.
13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by men. 14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid. - Cf. Mt 5:13-14 (RSVCE) If they and we do not repent and plead for God's mercy, what remains is being trodden underfoot [who respects the Church and its leaders nowadays?].

Michael Dowd said...

Vox: Thanks for your truth filled and courageous blog. And thanks to all your respondents for shedding more light on this Christian civilization ending abomination.

So what can we do? Keep on blogging, keep on praying, prepare to be ostracized or worse. But not to worry because as Jesus said: "Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

Anonymous said...

In the USA, anyone could and can already purchase property together, give property to anyone through a notarized will, and give anyone his Power of Attorney for Health care, or for Finances. So these legal arguments did not apply or support homosexual marriage.
The Pope has been missing in action, (as well as most Cardinals and Bishops).
We needed an Encyclical on MORALS to include the Mortal Sins of Homosexual Acts & Homosexual Marriage, Fornication, Adultery (a sexual relationship with the valid spouse of another), Pornography, and Contraception -
as they relate to: Need for repentance to obtain God's Mercy; Death; Judgment; Heaven; Hell.
Instead we got an Encyclical on unproven climate change, and the Pope's recommendation for a One World Authority (government) with POWER to make laws, police and enforce, and tax with unlimited funding.

Anonymous said...

In the USA, most Catholic Cardinals and Bishops have refused to:
teach, correct and if necessary publically excommunicate those Catholics who give public Scandal by publically choosing to remain in obstinate Mortal Sin. - (See Canon 915, and 1399)
This includes evil "Catholic" politicians, judges, etc.
Scandal is a mortal sin per the CCC - # 2284, 2285, 2386, 2326.
High ranking Clergy's sins of OMISSION or Commission supports RELATIVISM whether intended or not.
Relativism means there is no right or wrong, and everyone can do their own thing.

Anonymous said...

In the USA (and throughout the World) most Cardinals, Bishops and Priests do not completely and accurately teach the Faith.
They ignore Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis by NOT actively and prominently encouraging all literate Catholics to read at HOME both:
1) SACRED SCRIPTURE (a Catholic Bible);
2) "Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edtion" of 1997.
For quotes from our Popes about the CCC, on the internet see:
"What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE"
There would be no need for the 2015 Synod if most high ranking Clergy did their jobs in teaching, and correcting, and stopping Scandal in its tracks.

Unknown said...

VC, you write:

"Anal cancer (with caution, you can google the pictures and see what sodomy can cause) is 50% higher than the normal. Parasites such as amoebiasis and giardiasis, gonorrhea and anal warts abound in the population. Anorectal sepsis, Epstein-Barr Syndrome, Burkitt's Lymphoma, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Karposi's Sarcoma, Hepatitis, AIDS, Prostrate Cancer, colitis, enterities, proctitus, proctocolitus and diseases of the mouth which would cause horror to view."

In the blogshere I see various calls to resist the homosexual onslaught, and this paragraph of yours actually provides a winning strategy. We ought to start the drumbeat that every eighth grader be exposed to these pictures by the local school district. If not, picket high schools and college campuses with these pictures, the polemical equivalent of pictures of aborted babies.

In other words take the gloves off immediately and stop talking in latinate phrases and framing our arguments in philosophical and theological jargon. This body politic has the attention span of a fruitfly Leave phrases like "traditonal understanding of marriage" etc. out of it, and go for the throat by attacking homosexuality directly and incessantly with pictures.

Of course, we have to present the teachings of Christ in the public square, but showing what a horror homosexuality is at the physical level would be a motive of credibility to listen to the Church in her monitums about that and other crimes against human beings.

Lynda said...

Well said Vox. You are a true soldier for the truth, for Christ, and you do so under your own name and not anonymously. You speak as the Pope, bishops and priests ought to be speaking. Thank you for being a light in the darkness. You inspire me not to submit to evil as the New Religion at the Holy See would have us do.

Unknown said...

There is another facet to this assault. By logical extension, an assault against the Church is also an assault against our Republic, which is anchored at a profound level to both Judeo and Christian values and mores. This presents a potentially powerful coalition opportunity between Christians and Jews, or at least those elements of each who still believe in one God. That coalition will, through prayer, moral adherence and potentially through force of arms, present a formidable opposition. Let's call it ... The Crusade.

Everyday For Life Canada said...

Here are 11 Facts About Teens and STDs,
1. New estimates show that there are about 20 million new sexually transmitted infections in the United States each year.
2. Young people, between the ages of 15 to 24, account for 50% of all new STDs, although they represent just 25% of the sexually experienced population
3. 46% of American high school students have had sexual intercourse and potentially are at risk for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and other STDs. Get yourself tested for HIV -- and tell others you did!
4. In 2012, gonorrhea rates were highest among adolescents and young adults. In 2012, the highest rates were observed among women aged 20–24 years (578.5) and 15–19 years (521.2).
5. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are more than 110 million STIs among men and women in the US. This includes both new and existing infections.
6. The annual number of new infections is roughly equal among teen girls (51%) and teen guys (49%).
7. HPV (human papillomavirus) accounts for the majority of prevalent STIs in the US.
8. The US has the highest rate of STD infection in the industrialized world.
9. 6 in 10 sexually active high school teens reported using condoms during their most recent sexual intercourse.
10. 1 in 4 teens contract a sexually transmitted disease every year.
11. Less than half of adults age 18 to 44 have ever been tested for an STD other than HIV/AIDS.
This to me is clear evidence that comprehensive sex "education" isn't working and should not enter Ontario schools. It's all about sexaulizing children and getting then indoctrinated about alternative lifestyles including same-sex "marriage" and "gender identity."

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of commentary on Dorota above. From the military angle, I spent 27 years in uniform, serving in the combat arms, both NCO and commissioned officer. I've operated from special forces operational detachment-A to unified command levels. In all that time, I never once observed or even heard of the perverted activities cited here and attributed to the military. These bogus statements place Dorota's entire entry in question. Too bad. That was a lot of typing.