Friday, 5 June 2015

Ottawa Catholic Priest calls Cardinal Burke a "clown" and a "drag queen!"

In a fiasco reminiscent of Basilian Father Tim Scott tweeting that Cardinal Burke should just  "STFU" (SHUT THE F**K UP) an Ottawa Catholic priest and professor at University of Ottawa has called Raymond Cardinal Burke a "clown" and a "drag queen."

It is crucial to comprehend the phenomenon of Burke as a dynamic work within the Church.
What are, in the Church, the organisational factors that have clowns like Burke fussing?

Cardinal Burke embodies the deep differences among Catholics.

 It embodies a particularly extreme form of anachronism.

Cardinal Burke embodies the deep differences amongst Catholics.

Pope Francis has done well by dismissing this musical comedy Cardinal Drag Queen.
Yesterday, we reported on Father Andre Samson's email read aloud on CBC Radio Canada. 

Whose authority is this priest under? Is it Archbishop Terence Prendergast, S.J. of Ottawa.

The Twitter universe has given us much over the last year in way of exposition of the comments of certain clerics.

This public dialogue by Father Andre Samson is scandalous, insulting and degrading. Cardinal Burke is man of great humility and grace, he will bear this. What does this say about Father Samson and those above him who have allowed this travesty.

Cardinal Burke for what it is worth, for this outrage and that of the Member of Parliament below this post, please accept the apologies of faithful Catholics from coast to coast for whom I can surely speak; we are very sorry for these offenses against you. Please come back soon to Canada. We love you and we need you and may God bless you and St. Michael protect you. Vox.


Absurdius said...

Well said, David.

We must continue to expose the shenanigans of such wolves who prey on unsuspecting Catholics.

With all due deference to the authority of our presbyters and hierarchs, the role the tradition-minded Catholic layman has to play on the internet and in the parish must continue to increase in order to marginalize the false witness of people like (Fr.) André Samson.

Keep up the great work.

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

Suzanne said...

I want to draw your attention to something. Notice how Fr. Samson tweeted at 9 am, then 6 pm and then 10 pm. He took three opportunities to slight Cardinal Burke, meaning he was really looking to vilify him.

Barona said...

This evil man is a Judas priest. Why is he not defrocked? How many souls have been corrupted by his evil ways?

Anonymous said...

Don Says:
Thank God for Cardinal Burke.
With respect to the Fr. Samson`s remarks.
I consider them a very good argument for not allowing homosexual, men into the priesthood.

Samson? Oh the Irony

Kevin McAuley said...

Just to note Fr. Andre Samson has come out publicly as a homosexual (I don't know if he is still claiming to be celibate or not) but from what I thought, being homosexual was a reason for defrocking as it is inherently disordered. Especially when he has publicly admitted his reasons for joining the priesthood was not due to a call, but because he wanted the cover for why he didn't marry. If he entered into the priesthood under false pretenses, is he validly ordained?

Anonymous said...

Any Catholic Priest who does not dress as a Priest has effectually defrocked themselves God works in mysterious ways .

Anonymous said...

Interesting to watch those in mortal sin react to the truth!