Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The not so friendly ghost

Watch it friends, be very careful and pay close attention. Casper it not such a friendly ghost. The "Council of the Media" which our beloved Benedict warned us about is back. As one who was divorced and waited upon the Church for her decision regarding an annulment I deeply resent these German bishops and the rest of this stinking liberals who wish to debase the truth of the Faith!

No, I say! This is not acceptable! There will be no change in doctrine because there cannot be a change in doctrine. Anyone who thinks that there can be and those who speculate and promote it are deceiving you. 

I repeat, the Pope will not change the doctrine on divorce and remarriage, contraception, same-sex so-called marriage, sodomy, or the reception of Holy Communion by divorced and remarried Catholics. Pastoral matters on how to treat and counsel these people are another matter, but the Pope will not change doctrine! 

Read it the rest of the manipulation here.

The Two Synods, Real and of the Media

The upcoming synod on the family is being shaped by the same phenomenon that influenced Vatican II. But this time the duplication appears intentional, with all of the risks that it involves

by Sandro Magister

ROME, February 26, 2014 – In the first consistory of his pontificate, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has not been tender with the caste of the cardinals.

At the opening of the assembly, he charged them with "rivalry, envy, factions." And in the closing homily, with "intrigues, gossip, cliques, favoritism, preferential treatment."

And yet it is to this hardly esteemed college of cardinals that Francis has entrusted the first important high-level discussion on the topic of the upcoming synod of bishops, the family, at a time like the present - the pope said - in which it "is despised, is mistreated."

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Barona said...

When Pope Francis lets it be known that doctrine will not and cannot change we will see a dramatic shift from the Media. I suspect that their first tactic will be to claim the Pope is controlled by "evil traditionalists" etc. Then, they will shift to an open attack... Even sadder is the enemy within who is promoting this rubbish. That non-Catholics should do this - Freemasons et al., - no surprise. But for the neo-liberal Catholics? These people are even worse: the "mason" without the "apron" is a far more dangerous foe. Vile as the High Priests and others were, they could not come close to the iniquity of Judas. So too, it is with these Judases - clerical and lay - who are betraying Our Lord and His Church.