A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 28 November 2013

Response to Father Tom Rosica's Salt + Light lawsuit

Further to the public release by Father Tom Rosica of Salt + Light's lawsuit against Fountain of Love and Life here is their response, notable, that they were, as faithful Catholics, trying to resolve this amicably and charitably out of the public eye!


Barona said...

The S + L decision to air this in public is a scandal. It is so contrary to the Gospels. Is this what Catholicism has been reduced to in the 1st world? Petty quarreling, childish vendettas, name calling?

Meanwhile true Christians are being massacred with - in essence - collusion from western local churches. Have the Canadian bishops shouted from the rooftops about such killings?

The general behaviour and lust for money by the hierarchical leaders of the church in Canada constitutes a scandal in its deepest meaning.

The S + L public attack on our Chinese Catholics, instead of resolving the issue which the Catholics sought to do- with a but of give and take on both sides, constitutes a tragedy.

The manner in which S + L attacks the Chinese Catholics is so contrary to the mind of a Pope like Woytila. I write this because my father knew Wojtila and I met the future Pope when I was a mere lad; Fr. Rosica you do not, and never did understand Papa Woytila. Your actions would bring tears to the eyes of that holy Pope. Reverse your decision! Seek our your brothers, reconcile.... now!!!

Barona said...

Some may think that the Vox Cantoris airing of this is a "scandal". To the contrary: it is necessary that evil be exposed in the light of day. It is evil to undertake a court action -especially in public with all the alleged details - this evil must be exposed of an organization that claims to be the Catholic voice across Canada in the media.

Vox Cantoris said...

Barona, thank you but I did not air this.

Father Tom Rosica did himself, on the Salt + Light blog and on Twitter.

Barona said...

You are correct Vox: you merely did the right thing in drawing our attention to a great evil.

Pride has a way of undoing a man. I believe this will be Rosica's Waterloo. It is time for the nearly all Italian Board of Directors to fire CEO Fr. Rosica. The Basilians could start the process by moving him out of the Province. I wonder how he can work as a full time President of a university, work full time for S + L (the CRA website reports someone drawing a substantial salary), and work part-time as part of the unholy "Trinity" with his friend, Fr. Frederico Lombardi.

Unknown said...

I have stopped watching and supporting salt and light since Rosica's scandalous interview with the heretic Gregory Baum.
I wrote to him to protest and copied Cardinal Collins all to no avail.It is beyond me how he got away with it.

Barona said...

Excellent question and point of reflection: how can a prominent priest openly support a dissident without his removal by his Superior, without any reaction from the local Ordinary where his "apostolate" exists, without any reaction for the board of Directors of this same "apostolate", without a reaction form the CCCB who claim to endorse in one way or another this "apostolate".......that a supporter of Baum could receive a very minor role in the Vatican administration...

No doubt, human weakness plays a part, cowardice... yet, we cannot be naive to believe that there are not those who secretly, and also more or less openly support the general thrust of Baum's theology, as Fr, Rosica does.

What we have in Canada is a form of the "silent apostasy".