Monday, 18 November 2013

Maria Divine Mercy found: PR expert exposed as the fraud she is

Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

November 18, 2013 AM – NEW REVELATIONS – Developing
Since Nov. 8, 2010, a woman identifying herself as Maria Divine Mercy, a Catholic messenger from God and the Last Prophet, has posted nearly 1,000 messages from Jesus, the Virgin Mary and God the Father on the Website She has nearly 35,000 international Facebook followers and dozens of worldwide geographically-local Facebook sites. The main FB site, Jesus to Mankind, shows an image of a happy Jesus as messages report of cataclysmic global devastation and Satanic influences leading to the end times and schismatic separation of her followers from the institutional church. MDMers, as her devoted followers are known – possibly numbering hundreds of thousands – have turned into a cult-like mass of sincere, truth-seeking believers who have generated plenty of formal reaction from Catholic hierarchy, religious commentators and theologians.
She has passionate advocates and adversaries.  She has averaged four visions a week for three years that repeat prophetic warnings from a hundred years-worth of seers, and adds lots of her own to the mix, creating a worldwide discussion-frenzy and divisiveness within communities and families, split for or against. Her internet site ranks as the finest-looking bunch of Web pages for any prophet since…well…ever.  She has marketing skills!
But nothing is known of her identity. Until now.
Mary photo 2
Mary McGovern
A mosaic has formed that leads to the door step of Mary Carberry, 58, of Dublin, Ireland, who does business under her maiden name of Mary McGovern. She has four children. Two have worked for her firm, McGovernPR, including her daughter Sarah Carberry, 28, and a 27-year son, a Web page designer. The 27-year-old company, McGovernPR, has won international awards for its skill in marketing products and ideas. Other Carberry companies are CultureLink, headed by her husband, John Carberry, and Digital Future Link, headed by Sarah.  Mary, John and their adult son live in Muldowney Court, MalahideCounty, Dublin, Ireland.


Montfort said...

Nothing is more disgusting and evil that someone using religion for money...

let us hope and pray that the Roman authorities will finally move against the preposterous blasphemy that the Mother of God indulges in chit-chat...

S. Armaticus said...

Dear Cantor,

Ran across this Open Letter to the Pope. The link is here:

The author, Randy Engel is calling for the creation of a “Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality and Pederasty”. And since there is a reform of the Curia afoot, and new Commissions will be created, I think all Faithful Catholics should spread the word and get behind this noble effort.

Yours in Christ,


Anonymous said...

She has an identity? Her books aren't free? Well, I guess that proves her a fraud... In my opinion, the virulence of the attacks on her is a sign in her favour. At any rate, her predictions of the current papacy have been spot on. Maybe that's why she's so hated.

Truth Seeker said...

Why is this 5 year old story and comments posted now?? 2013 ... old news