Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Holding my tongue as best I can

When one wakes to a world where the to find that "The most serious of evils that afflict the world in recent years are youth unemployment and the solitude in which the old are left" when I nursed my mother to the day she died in my home and raised my son who is now 24, gainfully employed, on the other side of the continent, one can imagine how hard it is to hold my tongue. Truly, these are problems which afflict modern society due to globalist economic dominance and family breakdown; but, "the most serious?" 



Murder of innocents.

Human slavery.

Religious indifference.

Radical secular atheism.

Abuse of drugs and exploitation of the poor.

Sodomic cultural domination and the destruction of marriage.

Exploitation of the poor and feeble minded?

Breakdown of the family.

I thought the "most serious of evils" were these.

The fact is, youth unemployment and abandonment of the elderly are not evils, they are symptoms of the evils I've just listed.

But who am I too judge.

Oh, and "modernism" is a heresy.

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JP said...

For all his talk of "The Poor", this pope seems rather mired in what my kids would call "First World Problems".