Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Demeaning of Cardinal Burke exposed for what it is

The pitting of one against another by the secularists and Catholic-haters continues. We've seen it continuously since March, how all of a sudden, the Church and its Chief Shepherd have discovered humility. How we're all now like little hippie Franciscans, quick; come give me a hug, let's make a felt banner and hold hands and sing kubaya. 

Remember this, Francis of Assisi was poor on the outside and with his own habit, but not for the Holy Mass and not for the doctrine of the Church. St. Pio had one habit but when he celebrated Mass, he wore a glorious chasuble of silk and gold thread and even a lace alb with his one, old poor habit, underneath. His clothes were poor but he dressed in fine linen, silk and gold because he was going up to the Altar of God to offer the Holy Sacrifice with silver and gold sacred vessels. That was for the LORD, not for him. Does anyone wish to question this Saint's humility or poverty whilst on earth?

Gaze upon this picture my friends, this is humility.

St. Pio of Pietrelcina celebrating the Holy Sacrifice the day before his death
Father Paul Nicholson reports on a scornful attack on Raymond Cardinal Burke and where its roots really lay. 

"I really shouldn't give this author the time of day.  He has done a dreadful thing.  He has taken one of the kindest, gentlest, most approachable "Princes" of the Church and mocked him to scorn.  Really, a new depth has been reached.
There is such a smug tone in this article that you can almost picture the uber-yuppie type, drinking his mocha latte, at an upscale suburban Denver coffee house as he writes his hit piece on Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke."

Raymond Cardinal Burke celebrating the Holy Sacrifice
What is the difference between the two photos? I see the same silk, gold and lace and the same humility.

It is not going to get easier friends. Not one little bit.

But you already know that. 


Barona said...

You have hit the bull's eye Vox. Catholic-haters. Yes, we need to know, understand and realize that there is a vile, disgusting HATRED of Christ and His Church. Satan will stop at nothing. The worst enemy is the turncoat - the traitor, apostate Catholic.

Catholics should also be aware of the orchestrated outpouring of propaganda by the Jesuits and their lackeys since the publication of the Pope's - apparently - first and only interview.

These men are organized and evil; they have agents in Rome, right in the Vatican. These agents are the same crowd that Pope Benedict mentioned... the "wolves". They are the Freemasons, the communists, the liberals, the sodomites, the compromisers, the "gay lobby". None of these servants of the devil have packed their bags and left Rome. And these vile creatures are populating chanceries the world over. They are making virtual ship-wreck of the Church. Indeed, they would succeed if not for Our Blessed Saviour's Divinity. But so many souls are in danger of damnation. Woe, woe to those who do not preach the Gospel; woe to parents for failing their children, woe to teachers for failing their students, woe to us for not speaking up!

Unknown said...

What I find is the problem of weak clergy and teachers who encourage the breakdown of the church. The church cannot change with the world or God will destroy it except for the remnant that remains true, sort of like Noah's ark where only the faithful were saved. People must be informed about the faith and how to defend it against the evil lay and clergy who are possessed with the liberalism of today.

X-Rifle-X said...

Hello, may i know who sang and what is the title of the gregorian chants in your music playlist? I really like and wish to download it.

Unknown said...

X-Rifle-X: I also liked the music an have taken the liberty of organizing it into a playlist.

Vox Cantoris said...

Nicholas, that is great, how did you do that?


Vox Cantoris said...

If I add to this playlist or change it for Advent, etc., what happens to how you organised your playlist?

X-Rifle-X said...

thank you so much, i just found and downloaded the video, its really nice