Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Eucharistic disgrace at WYD Rio!

Messa in Latino, Italy is reporting on Holy Communion being distributed at World Youth Day in Rio from plastic cups

When is this disgrace of World Youth Day going to stop!


Unknown said...

Let's start an online campaign, called 'Keep the Faith - Catholic Parents Keeping Their Children Away from World Youth Day.'

We might be surprised to see how many Catholics out there would be happy to sign the online petition, and then we will send it to the Holy See. That will really embarass the right people.

Reasons to keep our Catholic children AWAY from World Youth Day:

1. Casual and irreverent handling of the Blessed Sacrament, which causes scandal among the strongest of us, and a loss of faith among the weakest.

2. The anonymity and loneliness of large crowds which provides none of the authentic Catholic witness that one would expect from the Church.

3. The gatherings become a showcase for immodest dress and an occasion of sexual temptation. What is so holy about twenty-something girls taking sun-tans in the summer sun while wearing practically nothing but their underwear? How does that foster vocations to the priesthood or religious life? It doesn't.

4. The well-known fact that these short-lived mass parties do nothing in the long-run for the grown of the local Church.

5. The fact these mass gatherings have become a showcase for liturgical abuse, thereby encouraging bad habits among Catholics or causing them to conclude that nothing is sacred in the Church.

Someone sart the petition, I want to sign up!

Anonymous said...

Here in this blog are more images of World Youth Day