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A corporal work of mercy.
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Sunday 10 March 2013

Diocesan "spokesman" publicly rebukes Toronto priest

Reading anything from the Toronto Star is not something that this blogger does, nor any MSM print source for that matter. Therefore, I depend on friends and readers to bring the devil's work to my attention as with this sad matter.

The Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Toronto, Neil MacCarthy in an interview with the Toronto press is quoted as saying "There was a more pastoral way to welcome people back to the church, ... You have to find the most caring way.”

It seems that a Catholic pastor, Father Charles Forget of St. Leo's Parish in Brooklin, east of the City of Toronto sent a letter to the parents of school children in a sealed envelope. He preached against sin and asked people to come to the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation. According to the obviously biased media the letter included: "Have I committed adultery or fornication? Have I become intoxicated? Have I been disobedient or disrespectful to my husband? “Have I done unnecessary servile work (physical labour) or shopping on Sunday?” and “Have I denied my spouse his or her marriage rights?” There were a few for children as well such as: “Have I talked back to parents, teachers or other adults? “Have I pouted and been moody?” The letter concluded with, “Pray about it. Do not be afraid. Come, be reconciled!”

As typical of a spoilt and puerile paganised Catholic generation, some were "shocked" that a priest would do his job and they filed complaints with the school board and of course, called the ever eager Toronto Star to take another shot at the Church.

“Made for an interesting conversation, where my kids were asking what abortion and masturbation were — since it came in an unsealed envelope addressed to no one, and they read it,” the parent said in an email (to the Star). “Hardly appropriate material for a kindergarten to grade 8 school.”

Well I've got news for these parents. Your kid is probably masturbating and someone in his or her catholic school has shown them some porn! Nah, they probably found your stash! Your little angel uses the "F" word too. So, get your head out of the sand and a few other places where the sun doesn't shine and parent-up!

Father says the letters were in sealed envelopes. The parents who contacted the press, said they were not. I'll choose to believe Father Forget rather than the paganised Catholic parents who contracept, abort, watch porn, don't go to Mass on Sunday, don't support the Church with time or money or both and don't raise their children to be Catholic. One opines that she is going to put her children in the public school. Well, don't let the door hit'cha on the way out; I'm sure your kid will find all about masturbating over there but don't expect a Christmas pageant for your little snowflake.

The real problem in this story though is not the priest, the parents the Durham Catholic District School Board or the Toronto Star, the problem is the Director of Communications at the Archdiocese of Toronto. The arrogance of the chancery bureaucracy in Toronto and its chastisement of a priest in public, its lack of support for a priest doing his job and for church teaching, that is the problem here. 

It is not the job of the Director of Communications of this or any Archdiocese to publicly rebuke a priest, to undermine his reputation and authority in his parish. To do this for a half dozen people who probably were in the greatest need of that letter is interfering in the "pastoral" duty and care for souls of that priest. I would think that Mr. MacCarthy should have been applauding the priest to the press and the parents in the administration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation not to condemn him for trying to wake the people up as to the reality of sin.

The "sin of the century is the loss of the sense of sin" said Blessed Pius XII. That is clear in this little parish in Brooklin and it is simply unacceptable that he be rebuked by a bureaucrat.


Barona said...

Cardinal Oullet has said - rightly - that we in Canada are suffering from a crisis of faith. This example of a layman meddling in parish affairs is un-canonical. A priest has a direct relationship with his bishop. The bishop - in his relationship with his priest/s can only follow canon law. I do not know what McCarthy's job description is; even if contains a clause that he can interfere in the pastoral running of parishes by priests - this would be un-canonical. As such, lay meddling in the duties of priests needs to be dealt with now.

Unknown said...

I completely and wholeheartedly support Fr. Forget for his support of Holy Mother Church.
I am expecting a full disciplinary measure against Mr. McCarthy.
God bless Vox Cantoris, for bringing this to light.

Anonymous said...

Your link for Fr. Forget does not work. It mails to bellne, not bellnet.

Vox Cantoris said...

Will fix it. Thanks, Vox.

TH2 said...

You know, Vox, I getting really fed up with these busybody laymen careerists pushing around good priests.

MacCarthy's stunt did three things: (1) it further enabled already indifferent, ignorant "Catholic" parents to continue to hold positions on moral matters at odds with Catholic teaching, inevitably to be passed on to their kids, (2) it conferred a wink of approval to certain influential members of "Catholic" school boards everywhere, who are no friends of the Magisterum, and (3) it told readers of the radical leftist Toronto Star that, indeed, the Archidiocese of Toronto is friends with you, we will submit and grovel unto you.

"There was a more pastoral way to welcome people back to the church, ... You have to find the most caring way". Can you say sissification?

I saw MacCarthy interviewed on Sun-TV on Friday, mentioning he was to leave Saturday to go to Rome for the conclave? Why the hell does he have to be there? Why? There is no need, save to sip espressos and slurp down a few gelatos and pretend his importance, feign his relevance, to a conclave that will be of historic significance. What enlightening information is this chancery office gatekeeper to provide us? Absolutely nothing... And all of this on the pewsitter dime.

Vox, I would advise you and your readers not to be fooled this "friendly chap" appearance. Cordiality means nothing, it's a cover in this instance, and his insidious action against a loyal priest of the Church proves the point.

This is what happens when authority/power is given to the laity.

In the meantime... in the mean time, Father suffers in silence.

Thanks Neil.

Father Forget - if you are reading this, know that my prayers are with you and that you will regularly be included in my Rosary intentions.

Barona said...

From the Catechism:

2353 Fornication is carnal union between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It is gravely contrary to the dignity of persons and of human sexuality which is naturally ordered to the good of spouses and the generation and education of children. Moreover, it is a grave scandal when there is corruption of the young.

Question: is this "caring", "pastoral" enough for McCarthy?

This only underscores the absolute crisis of Faith that has existed in the Church in Canada. Playing games, denying sin, obfuscating sin etc., etc. will only worsen an already catastrophic situation.

Anonymous said...

the issue is that this letter was sent home with children...in an unsealed envelope. Thsi should have been mailed out to parish households..not left for children to read on their way home! This letter has struck a chord in people because it speaks some truths..but the way it was delivered is not acceptable! Our parish attendance is declining and Fr. Charles' actions & words speak volumes to that! Everyone has an opinion but unless you live here and listen to him at mass, you have no idea!

Anonymous said...

I for one have stopped attending mass in our community because of Fr. Forget. I may not attend Church weekly but I do attend whenever I can. As stated this letter WAS NOT sealed. And as a parent I am not ignorant as to what my kids know about (ie masturbation) itbis a reality of life. Faith is not a clear cut issue. Children are afraid of this man maybe one day he will learn to lead by example rather thanbtry to use fear and intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Jennifer, we go to different churches....here at St. Leo the Great we feel blassed to have Fr. Charles as a pastor....and I'm guessing you haven't been here at Mass for ages as you claimed the attendance is declining where we can see the opposite. Try to find a sit at 11 am Mass. Also I don't like that people who are so outraged by Catholic teaching and are probably rearly attanding Masses speaks for "our" parish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vox for your post. Fr. Charles is truly amazing priest and we are so blessed to have him here as our shepherd. And if he gets scrutinize for teaching about sins against Ten Commandments that’s only shows how ‘catholic’ some of the parents are. If they are so outraged by the Church teaching why they sent kids to Catholic Schools, why they called themselves Catholic and try to represent our Parish even if they don’t go to church. Our Parish is blooming thanks to Fr. Charles’ hard work and people who comment that the attendance is declining probably haven’t attended a Mass for ages. Each Sunday our Church is packed. Come, visit us and hear amazing homilies of Fr. Charles. God bless him. And I can only pray for these 7 ‘catholic’ parents that are so disgusted with the Church teaching.

Anonymous said...
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TH2 said...

Anonymous 10:18,

"I may not attend Church weekly but I do attend whenever I can".

Canon 1247: On Sundays and other holy days of obligation the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass....

Canon 1248/2. If because of lack of a sacred minister or for other grave cause participation in the celebration of the Eucharist is impossible, it is specially recommended that the faithful take part in the liturgy of the word ...

So, do you experience a "grave cause" on a near-weekly basis? If not, the Church indicates a mortal sin is involved.


Anonymous 10:18,

What do you specifically mean by
"Faith is not a clear cut issue"? Could you please indicate, in your opinion, specifically what aspects of the Faith are not "clear cut"?

TH2 said...

Anonymous 11:02,

All I can say is that this is such bull shit! It really is! [You must be a genius, I've never heard that one before] Religion is brainwashing and corrupt, we do not need to live in the world of dogma [very good dogmatic statement], of right and wrong [i.e. moral relativism], of sinners and saints [saints sinned, too, you know]. Just love yourself, [thanks, Oprah] love the one you married, teach your children to be honest, forthright, loving and genuine. [if not from religion, where do the moral imperatives for these originate? Which philosophy?] I have met so many judgemental catholics [yup, we can be a tough bunch, man up and deal with it, just like how I dealt with that judgemental statement], I am baptised a catholic, but I have no resepct for your controlling religion. [Fine. Then why are you bother taking the time to come to a Catholic blog. Obviously something about the Catholic Church is bothering you] I am a good person, [that's so sweet, i.e. I'm OK, you're OK, nobody tells me what to do, moral autonomy of the self, you can thank Luther and Kant for that] faithful in my marriage (and many of you are not)! [oops, you just judged some people, contradicting yourself] I am happy, respectful and I do not need to follow your pathetic guidelines! [that sentence does not have a happy tone]I wish people would wake up and have a mind of their own! [You do, so do we, our view is different, and you don't like it, thus you feel threatened] Do not listen to a priest, this priest is a joke. [No, not the priest. The only joke is your disgruntled dilettante commentary] I would be ashamed to be associated with his church, [Then, please, go away. Still, I will pray for you]or any controlling organization that he belongs too. I choose to be my own person, I speak my feelings without fear, without control, organized religion is fading and they can't come to grips with that! [You go girl! That sounds like a feminist clarion call to me, Helen Reddy: "I am woman, hear me roar"]Be your own person and stand up for yourself! [The world, the universe revolves around MEEEEEEE]Following religion is sheep mentality. Do you teach your children to be individuals, do you teach them to not follow the crowd? If so how can you teach them to believe in such a hypocritical religion? I ask you to ask your self do you want to be a leader or a follower? Religion is corrupt! [Some final advice: stop getting your news and information on the affairs of the day from The Colbert Report and, perchance, it is time to stop reading Dan Brown novels]

Sandy Alderson said...

ooooooo look who's naming names under the name of anonymous.....I have no idea if this Jennifer posted the comment or not nrt do I care........To single out sombody though is pretty immature. How about we explore the scenario of a teacher in a class of 30....Lets say that 3 parents complained about that teacher about isolated instances....Maybe the teacher was rude, mean or whaever to those children. Your child hasn't experienced it....Would you not question, be concerned or feel for the children in question that were involved???? Maybe they did do something wrong (hypothetically) but the way the teacher addressed it was inappropriate.... Is that ANY different than a priest doing the same???? Really???? They're kids. Their future thoughts and actions are moulded by these adults and they have a responsibility to do so in the most effective way......

Ferociter Romanus said...

Looks like Mr. MacArthy has responded directly to you in the comment above, Vox!!!!

Vox Cantoris said...


Fr. Mike Holmes said...

Mr. McCarthy publicly rebukes my Ordination classmate and Brother Priest. When President Obama was first elected in 2008, Mr. McCarthy, as communications director of the Archdiocese of Toronto, posted a Blog on the Archdiocese Web Site praising Mr. Obama. It was well known at the time that the new president was pro-abortion, leaning towards the approval of same-sex marriage, and not particularly friendly toward the Roman Catholic Church. Five years latter Mr. Obama has proven to be the most anti-life president in US history, pro-same sex marriage, and quite hostile toward anything Roman Catholic. Mr. McCarthy praised and supported this presidency as an official spokesman for the Archdioces of Toronto. I challenged this Blog entry. I was attacked in posts for being "cruel", "biggoted", and unaware of the good work Mr. McCarthy was doing for the Archdiocese. Rebuking a Priest for telling the truth. Yep, that is good work Mr. McCarthy

Fr. Mike Holmes said...

Mr. McCarthy goes to Rome! Why? To assist Cardinal Collins with the media once the Conclave is over. What happens if Cardinal Collins is elected Pope? Does Mr. McCarthy assume the position as his spokesman. No doubt, on an all expenses paid trip to Rome, Mr. MCarthy will be enjoying some fine Italian wine as he contemplates the possibility of yet another "step-up" for him, at the expense of the collections from parishioners around the Archdiocese. Why is he there? Cardinal Collins is doing just fine. For two weeks he has been seen and heard on various Canadian and International televison and radio programmes. Mr. MCCarthy rebukes a priest and then flys off to Rome. Who speaks for this Diocese when The Cardinal is "out of town". Does he not have 4 Auxiliary Bishops? Where are they when the Cardinal is not around? Should they not have investigated this incident? Certainly this should have been addressed by Auxiliary Bishop Nguyn, reginal Bishop where Fr. Charles is Pastor. No, the layman and communications director "attacks" an Ordained Priest. Finally, in a certain parish in Aurora ON, a Pastor tells his parishioners, and I quote, "there will be no genuflecting in my parish because we do not genuflect to food", and nothing happens. "Hello Mr. McCarthy" but the last time I checked that's Heresy. When a priest calls people to boldly examine their conscience, and speaks the truth, he is rebuked and left "out to dry". Cardinal Collins, if you don't become Pope, do you want a communications director who loves your priests, or one who sides with the sins of Catholics?

Donna Procher said...

Anonymous wrote: "... unless you live here and listen to him at Mass, you have no idea!" and, "... children are afraid of this man."

Are we speaking about the same priest? I know I speak for many at Fr. Charles Forget's last parish when I suggest this man is a brilliant homilist, able to engage all members of his congregations with his ability to weave the readings together with skill, wisdom and wit.

A good priest's job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. At the end of the day he knows he will stand before God, charged with the care of the souls that had been entrusted to him.

The Church is what it is, and many Catholics find it difficult to understand why other pew dwellers are shocked and surprised when a priest actually teaches what the Church teaches. What else is he to do? He is a doctor of the soul. When we visit the family doctor, are we to be surprised and shocked when he indicates it is imperative we improve our health by exercising more, eating less, and cutting down on salt, sugar and fat - or else we are candidates for deadly diseases? So it is with the soul.

No one forces Catholics into the pews, and one of the first things incumbent upon Catholics imbued with natural law is that we are charged to know our Catholic faith. When we study and know that beautiful faith, we wish to congratulate the faithful messenger - not shoot him.

Barona said...

Pius XI wrote of the "base, fornicating woman" comparing her to chaste motherhood.... was this great Pope unpastoral?

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

"Children are afraid of this man maybe one day he will learn to lead by example rather thanbtry to use fear and intimidation."

Really? What has Fr. Forget done to cause such trepidation and loathing? Has he threatened the children physically?

If there's something Catholic parents in Ontario should be afraid of it is the not-so hidden secular agenda of Premier Wynne and her "If it feels good do it" sex-ed curriculum.

Something everyone should be afraid of is Hell. Dying with just one mortal sin condemns your soul there for eternity. There won't be any human rights commissions to appeal to. You won't be able to talk your way out of it. It will be permanent.

If Fr. Forget is trying to keep souls out of eternal fire then that's the most charitable, pastoral, and even 'nice' thing I've heard a priest do. We should all be so lucky to have a pastor with the right priorities in his ministry.

Barona said...

Good point KWTC : where were the parents etc. when the Provincial government tried to force its filth down the throats of children?

This story has two points: 1) a set-up job against a priest (with the added tragedy of a layman pretending he is a bad bishop); and 2) sex: the media's inability to grasp that the Church cannot change the teachings of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a new form of McCarthyism.

Nicholas F said...

Vox, thank you for posting this, very concerning indeed that such a person would speak on behalf of our cardinal.
I do commend this pastor for not sitting by idly as his flock takes the wide and spacious path to perdition. The call of the conscience is very unpleasant indeed, but then again, so is the strident noise of the fire alarm, and we don't normally complain about it when it saves our lives. So do we really value our spiritual lives the same way?

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr. Brown and Ms. Strong will tell you they were delivered to the school office for them to send home. I find it hard to believe that two out of 800 plus letters were not sealed as I am one of the people asked to stuff and seal those letters. They were not meant to be read by or discussed with children and funny enough anyone in good standing with the church did find the letter to be a loving welcome to be courageous and come be reconciled.

You have chosen to look at this as a problem because it speaks a truth you do not want to hear. You are clearly not ready to hear it yet. That is ok. Your choice to bully our priest is a poor example however to all how to treat people and is exactly what our Catholic schools just spoke out about precisely three days before the letter went home. On the heals of bully awareness week you yourself bullied Fr. Charles. Shame on you.

Jennifer Beattie said...

As the parent of the child who is apparently masturbating and watching my porn - I'm so torn between arguing my point and feeling sorry for all of you sheep, clearly suffering from classic Catholic Guilt. You can choose to believe the envelopes were sealed, many of them probably were. But the ones that came in MY CHILDREN'S backpacks - were not. I also know of 2 other families whose letters were not sealed. So Anonymous - perhaps you should find a new hobby, because stuffing and SEALING envelopes clearly isn't your forte...

No amount of preaching, pursuading will convince me that any of that material was appropriate for an elementary school. It was absolutely intended for the children, as Fr. Charles himself told me it was meant for "all parishoners and I consider children parishoners".

The Catholic church is losing people in DROVES and this is a perfect example of why. Children today have enough to feel guilty and self conscious about without the church adding to it.

The words "holocaust of abortion" are offensive of so many levels. What about "God Loves All"?

But I have to say, the best thing about being Catholic, is that you can say/do whatever you want, and then "poof!" you're forgiven!
Too bad all those child abuse victims dont feel the same way....

Before you start saying I'm not a "good catholic" and clearly dont go to church - I should inform you that we DO go to church. Only we haven't set foot in one of Fr. Charles masses since my daughter's first communion 3 years ago, when the homily included a story about a burned baby. We go to our home church in Toronto, where we were married, and all three of our children were baptised. We are ALWAYS welcomed there with open arms - lesbian family members and all!

As for why children are afraid of Fr. Charles? A few examples: a letter home on Halloween, telling the kids they should go to church instead of trick or treating and participating in "Satan's Holiday". Or how about telling a group of 7 year olds they are "with the devil" until they confess. Sounds pretty scary to me!

The King James version of the New Testament was completed in 1611 by 8 members of the church of England.

There were (and still are) no original texts to translate. The oldest manuscripts we have were written hundreds of years after the last apostle died. There are over eight THOUSAND of these old manuscripts - with no two alike.

The King James translators didn't use any of these anyway - they created a version their King and Parliament would approve.

So some 21st Century Christians believe the "Word of God" is a book edited in the 17th century from 16th century translations of 8,000 contradictory copies of 4th century scrolls that claim to be copies of lost letters written in the FIRST century.

For God shows no partiality. Romans 2:11

Anonymous said...

You sound very confused and lost....One minute your chastising the church in your area...the next your stating you go to church just the "one you got married in" and then you finish by paraphrasing some "internet Quote" about the king James bible and how our scriptures are irrelevant...WHY? are your kids in a Catholic school again???....so you can bash each send out that comes home?....Maybe you should consider home schooling I am sure they would get straight "a`s" in Athiesm!

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer B. said...
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Anonymous said...

"Ain't nobody meaner than those fighting in the name of Jesus."

Truly, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you judge someone else. Isn't a key teaching of Catholicism "Judge not lest ye be judged" ? How lovely it must be to be perfect. Please, let me know how that feels. You cannot be cruel and offensive in your posts and pretend you're doing it in the name of the church. How sad that all of you are missing the point. What could have been a educated theoretical debate on Catholicism in the 21st century turned into name calling and finger pointing. How about before you post a rebuttal of some kind you ask yourself "would God be pleased with what I'm writing?" My guess is no, He would not.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer Beattie said...

To the person who signed themselves "Jennifer B" and said "I am the person who started all the noise and contacted the Star"..obviously you are not Jennifer BEATTIE (since I am), and obviously I am not the person who contacted the Star (since I am not afraid to use my name, and all of the Star sources were anonymous...like yourself...). Since the priest is the person who sent this letter out, he is the one who needs to be accountable. As I have said many times before in person and on Facebook Brooklin Moms page (where you obviously are getting your info) had my letter been MAILED, and addressed to myself or my husband with no chance of children's eyes seeing it, this wouldn't even be news. I'm so glad to hear everyone is talking about this issue - whether you support the letter, the church, Fr. Charles, or the view that the content and delivery were inappropriate - I welcome and appreciate a healthy debate.

I dont have to bash each sendout that comes home, because the school knows nothing that comes from Fr. Charles is allowed to come home with my kids. If he has something to say, he can say it to me. I will also point out that we have NEVER had an issue with the school. Ever. As much as I would like to separate this incident from the school, the fact is that I simply do not believe the things that were in those handouts. In our family, we dont care if you're gay or a lesbian. We dont care if you use birth control (which, by th way, is called being responsible). We want our kids to know that its ok to be who you are. So if Fr. Charles is preaching things to the contrary, to our children - we choose to not have them involved. End of story, really.

I've also taught my children to stand up for what they believe in, which is exactly what I'm doing. We contacted Fr. Charles himsself, the school, the principal, the superintendent and the Trustee. NOT the Star. We dealt with it in the appropriate way for our family. Of course I talked about it on my personal Facebook page - thats' what it is, MY PAGE. I also brought it up on a group page - to see what people thought. That's what healthy debate is. Personally, I welcome all opinions in a respectful manner.

However - conjuring up the image of a 10 year old girl masturbating to her parents apparent porn stash is more than disturbing, no?

As my very wise brother in law pointed out: The idea that a priest should never be publicly criticized is exactly how the church found itself in an ongoing series of sex scandals.

It is for ALL these reasons, we have decided our children no longer belong in a Catholic School. They're quite happy about it - I wish I could say the same.

Jennifer Beattie said...
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Barona said...

This local incident reflects the further widespread issue of a crisis of Faith (linked to a moral relativism) that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI identified as the great evil of this age.

Anonymous said...
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Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous at 1:43,

Your comments have been polemical, attacking and incoherent. I have edited your note, if you wish to post here then refrain from profanity as your reference to bovine excrement; deal?

You say Catholics are judgmental and then damn us to Hell; which is it?

Mature discussion please!


Your edited post:

I thought I may speak my opinion here, as there was no judgements but a calling out of those of you who have chosen to judge but my post was deleted! Typical of sheep mentality. As for TH2 who felt is the need to condemn my thoughts, shame on you. You preach like your all high and mighty. About Oprah and praying for me, well please don't waste your time. I clearly do not need your negative Oprah bashing energy. You are judging, and didn't they teach you not to do that, oh yes wait a sec...you Catholics are hypocritical and thats why I chose to stay away! I will pray for you though, each and every day. I will pray that you allow a person to have an opinion, so that you do not feel the need to take time away from your family to comment on every post I make. I pray that you stop watching Oprah and think the rest of us gain our happiness from her. She actually does more good in the world than you, so why speak her name in vain? I wouldn't. I will be suprised if my thoughts stay on your board. Religion has one side, and one side only. They are not open for debate. Jen, good job but your up against a loosing battle of sheep mentality, of followers who can cheat on their spouse, condemm others, judge their neighbor, think they are high and mighty and then go to church to ask for forgiveness. Hell is waiting people. I say EDITED BY VOX

Jennifer Beattie said...

While I appreciate the support, I have to echo Vox's comments - lets keep it clean people. At the heart of this - I was hoping for a healthy debate of Catholicism in this century and possible change. Degrading each other isn't productive, or persuasive.

Jennifer Beattie said...

While I appreciate the support, I have to echo Vox's comments - let's keep it clean. At the heart of this, I was hoping for a healthy debate on Catholicism in this century and change. Degrading one another's opinions isn't productive or persuasive.

TH2 said...

Anonymous 1:43,

I thought I may speak my opinion here, [yes, Vox was very nice to allow you to comment, not deleting it entirely, despite your original profanity] as there was no judgements [incorrect: you castigated a good priest, calling him "a joke", your first sentence was: "All I can say is that this is such bull----!", etc.] but a calling out of those of you who have chosen to judge but my post was deleted! [my comment wasn't deleted, a fisk of your comment, so your original comment is still up] Typical of sheep mentality. [if meant in the context of Christ as the Lamb of God, I'll accept that] As for TH2 [hello, again] who felt the need to condemn my thoughts, [I was challenging your uninformed opinions, expressive of ignorance of Catholic teaching, let alone calling a good priest "a joke"- there's condemnation for ya] shame on you [for challenging your diatribe with logic?! Ever been in a debate before? It's a two-way street]. You preach like your all high and mighty. [actually, I'm quite lowly, and a big time sinner to boot] About Oprah and praying for me, yes, I did well please don't waste your time.[too late, already did] I clearly do not need your negative Oprah bashing energy. [actually, I was attempting to impart positive Catholic energy, admittedly straightforward, but in the spirit of St. Paul, who wasn't exactly a crowd pleaser] You are judging, and didn't they teach you not to do that, [actually, judgement is part of the process of ratiocination, as St. Thomas says, refer to his Summa Theologica] oh yes wait a sec...you Catholics are hypocritical and that's why I chose to stay away! [Could it be that uncomfortable Catholic moral teachings is making you face up to aspects of yourself and past actions that hurt, that you'd rather not be reminded of, that get to the core of your being, making you feel terrible? (look not at the behaviour of Catholics, but at the principles in its teachings) Listen, I understand, I get that sense of aversion/recoil all the time. You are encountering the Cross. Solution: Sacrament of Confession] I will pray for you though, each and every day. [thanks] I will pray that you allow a person to have an opinion, [Vox has permitted you to state your opinion by posting this comment] so that you do not feel the need to take time away from your family to comment on every post I make. [not a wasting time, I enjoy blogging, and I love this particular blog]

...continued in next com box

TH2 said...

Anonymous 1:43 (continued)...

I pray that you stop watching Oprah [I never have watched or listened to that scandalous woman!] and think the rest of us gain our happiness from her. She actually does more good in the world than you, [like promoting Barry Obama, radical pro-abortionist? And how can you know what I do since we've never had the pleasure of meeting?] so why speak her name in vain? [Because she has done terrible damage to women everywhere, filling their heads with bizarre, gnostic, inwardist, emotionalist, self-worshipping worldviews that she will have to answer for when Mr. G. Reaper comes for a visit] I wouldn't. I will be surprised if my thoughts stay on your board. They're still here Religion has one side, and one side only. [Correct: the true religion, i.e. Catholicism, is one sided in the sense that Truth is singular, 2+2=4 and only 4] They are not open for debate. [But I'm debating you now, responding to your assertions] Jen, good job [methinks Jen is a cafeteria catholic, based on her comments above] but you're up against a losing battle of sheep mentality, of followers who can cheat on their spouse, [That's the second time you've mentioned adultery] condemn others, judge their neighbor, think they are high and mighty and then go to church to ask for forgiveness. [we all sin, forgiveness occurs via Confession from the likes of a good priest of whom you have derisively mocked] Hell is waiting people Indeed, it is, sir

Obviously, Anonymous 1:43, there's a lot brewing down there in the subsurface of your commentary that would explain your manifest hatred for basic Catholic teaching, let alone your vilifications. I don't know what it is. I don't know what you've done and I don't want to know. I don't care what you think of me or of whomever. These are irrelevant. But to get back up on you feet again let me propose something astonishing to you: Go to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is kind, she is gentle, she understands, she is the Most Holy Mother of God, she is Our Lady. Regardless of what you think of the Catholic Church, or of whatever emotional state you are in - anger, sadness, etc. - just simply say: "Help me Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of God". That's it. I think it would be an excellent start. You will be surprised.