Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Prayerful Cardinal, Deaf Reporter, Absent Media Man

May God bless Thomas Cardinal Collins our Archbishop of Toronto. What a kind and thoughtful pastor when confronted by such idiocy. I can tell you, I would not have handled this imbecile with the same grace and tact and patience and tolerance. Let us continue to pray for him and all the Cardinals at this time.


Twenty-five years ago, I lived in Ottawa and worked on Parliament Hill as a Special Assistant to a Cabinet Minister in the government under Brian Mulroney; he later went on to become a provincial premier. Advance was my specialty and he was never more than a metre away from me. If someone had a gun, my job was to jump in front of the bullet, as well as have a clean shirt and tie in my briefcase in case he dripped his coffee. My point is this, we are talking here about our Cardinal Archbishop, a Prince of the Church on the morning of the Conclave on his way to St. Peter's Basilica for Holy Mass; he should not have had to struggle with his bag, and a cart, trying to call for a cab  in the rain and at the same time fend off (with much grace and pastoral solicitude, I might add) a nasty, nosy and  bothersome reporter, who showed no discipline, no tact and no respect.

The Cardinal should not have been left exposed and to fend for himself.


Barona said...

Cardinal Collin is a holy man -- watching deal with this reporter has re-awakened my respect and admiration for this humble man of God.
Let us all redouble our efforts to pray for him!

I find it shameful that MacCarthy is twittering in such an offhanded manner, when a Conclave is of the utmost seriousness. It is hard to comprehend how a man in his position can reduce this to an "event". The re-tweeting of a reference to pizza etc. is truly depraved.

Here we have men deciding on the Successor of St. peter - the Vicar of God himself - and it has all been reduced to preposterous tweeting. Sick.

Anonymous said...

May the pizza be warm and yummy for Niel as his dessert should be punishmnet for denouncing the efforts of God's ordinary Priest Fr. Charles Forget.

I am very dissapointed in this miscarriage of support for our Parish Priest and Teacher but find myself shaking my head in disgust and no response for his lack of respect for the Holy State of the time.

This indeed is a dark time and we are in need of purificatio and a new fire that Blessed John Paul II so elequantly spoke of.