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Toronto Catholic Register touted theologian Mihevc attends award to abortion advocate

Back on July 3, I posted the article at the bottom of this page. There were some tragic shootings in Toronto and the usual suspects called for a gun ban because then the criminals will obey it. It seems that the Catholic Register considered Councillor Joe Mihevc to be a "theologian" as if that somehow gave the whole need for a gun ban some kind of canonical church-sanctioned know the magisterial  teaching of theologians.

Imagine then my surprise when reading this article in LifeSiteNews about the City of Toronto award to an abortion-activist, communist, lesbian that one of the proponents of the award was the same theologian and Toronto Councillor, Joe Mihevc.

Is it too much to ask the Catholic Register to do a little bit more research on the character and belief system of those which it holds up as "theologians."

Jim O'Leary is the Editor of the Catholic Register:

Does Catholic Register Associate Editor possess a hand-gun?
A few weeks ago in Toronto there was another tragic shooting on Yonge Street, this time at the Eaton Centre. A few years ago and a few blocks north on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas in Canada); a beautiful young girl of 15, out with her family for some post-Christmas shopping was brutally gunned-down in a drive-by shooting. That girl, Jane Creba, died on the spot bleeding to death on the sidewalk. I work with Jane’s mother and she has never been the same, how could she be? Christmas has taken on a whole different meaning for V, more of a Good Friday, I should think. The gang-bangers that murdered Jane are not doing enough time and V’s sentence goes on forever.

City Councillor, Joe Mihevc a so-called, “theologian” and a Professor of Ethics at the University of Toronto, a socialist and a card-carrying member of the NDP. For my foreign readers, the NDP is the New Democrat Party and they are hard left socialists and one must be a firm believer in the murder of babies in the wombs of their mothers to be a Member; Mihevc is no exception.

Now, the Catholic Register and its effervescent Michael Swan seem to think that guns and bullets are a real problem in Toronto. Well, they are. So the police should arrest the gang-bangers, right? Wrong. The issue is guns, whether or not the criminals will obey a gun-ban is irrelevant; besides, hand-guns are already effectively banned.

Now I ask you; why is a Catholic paper creating a news story to prop up a so-called “theologian” and another councillor who is an anti-Catholic covertly by his views and policies?

The lead article online is titled “Toronto gun ban has theological backing” and I imagine it will be the cover story in the print edition, set to appear in a few days.

Theological backing? From Joe Mihevc; who cares what Mihevc thinks?

A “theologian?” So what! Where are his credentials as a Catholic “Theologian?” Has he sworn to uphold Catholic teaching? Has he obeyed the mandatum? Does Mihevc subscribe to Ex corde ecclesiae? But he’s a “theologian” according to Swan and his leftist position on a political question is being propt up in the CR.

Now, the real question.

Why is Michael Swan in possession of a Glock?

Calls for a gun ban in Toronto fit well with Church teaching, says Councillor Joe Mihevc.

It seems to me that Michael and the CR need to have a visit from Chief (a good day to fire) Blair. After all it clearly states in the online paper “Photo by Michael Swan” and if I’m not mistaken, that is Queen and Bay Streets in the background.

Who could forget Swan’s “At one with the Earth” from Friday, June 6, 2008. Of course, the CR has wisely eliminated the story and photo, possibly after Vox took them t0 task over it; however thanks to the Internet we’ve still got this lovely quote from Swan; “Fr. Jim Profit offers the sacrifice of the Mass as a sacrament which connects us to God’s creation at the Jesuit farm in Guelph, Ont……..On the cold first day of June three dozen people — couples with their children, old friends, students working internships on the Jesuit farm — gathered in Guelph for a Sunday Mass that wandered all over 250 hectares of the Jesuit’s organic farm, woodlots, streams, hermitages and gardens.”

So, it was a Cow-pie, hay-bale wandering liturgy?

Where does Swan get this stuff “a sacrament which connects us to God’s creation?” Is this man a heretic or simply ignorant?

Well, if anything this picture proves that old joke about going to a Mass said by a Jesuit where everything changes but the bread and wine! And make no mistake folks, this was not only an illicit but it was an invalid Mass. This Jesuit, now suffering from cancer, did not do what the Church intended.

Well we’ll always have the evidence of Father Jim Profit, S.J. and his liturgical shenanigans thanks to Mr. Swan and of course, the Internet.

Photo by Michael Swan

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Barona said...

Let us not forget that Gregory Baum is a theologian. And admired too!