Saturday, 8 December 2012

What a spin and a network gone wrong

What "mistakes" is he referring to?

Could it be EWTN?

Didn't he go on bended knee to ask for the blessing of its saintly founder? Is it really a competition? Because if it is then someone needs to bulk up a little.  

"The “secret” according to Fr. Rosica, was the effort to avoid the mistakes made by other Catholic television networks that is, addressing a mainly elderly public, getting involved in “cultural wars” that create deep divisions within the Catholic world, between conservatives and progressivists. This happens in North America more than it does in Europe.
“On our network, we have decided as far as possible to avoid bias, particularly at a time of crisis in the Church and a world such as ours. The temptation is to become so fundamentalist and rigid with regard to doctrine and life, that one ends up closing themselves in a castle and no one listens to them a part from those inside it. On the other hand, there is also the temptation to conform to worldly values to such an extent that Church doctrine and the truth in the Gospel become diluted, distorted and flavourless.”

There are fewer than 1000 subscribers and Bell has dropped it, which I am not happy about as they've also dropped EWTN.

Oh, and by the way; what was all that stuff about Mr. Gregory Baum?


Barona said...
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Barona said...

Very timely post.

I was just speaking with a number of people this morning - one, a well known blogger and former professional educator in the Catholic Toronto system. I can inform the readership that these people are aware - very aware of the Baum-Rosica Scandal. It is not going away.

Salt and Light is in grave crisis. They have a CEO who is the cause of this crisis. It is time for this same CEO to do the honourable thing and to resign.

Anonymous said...

I find Fr. Rosica's comments about fundamentalists and the life issues extremely disturbing. He is trying to be coy and clever but any Catholic who carefully monitors the pro-life scene in Canada remembers his vitriolic attack on LifeSiteNews after they brought forward the scandal at Peace and Development. The interview with Baum adds cements Rosica's reputation as an extremist. S&L has lost credibility.

Anonymous said...

Rosica has to go. He is a politician who plays to his audience and undercuts the Church's authentic teaching in whatever sneaky way he can. He pretends to be this moderate "high up on the mountaintop" reasonable surveyor of the whole scene who would never get involved in the culture wars - yet all the while he provides as much ammunition as he can to his liberal pals that he can so THEY can throw the balls and he can remain safely out of the line of fire. His jig is up. No one watches his silly shows and the reason is because no one cares what he has to say. Why would i have to tune in to hear liberal clap trap (however cleverly disguised it might be) when i can just live my normal life and experience it with every breath I take. An authentic Catholic website said it best a couple of weeks ago - Pepper and Darkness.