Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Alinsky in Antigonish

A post below garnered this comment about a meeting at "Bethany" in Antigonish. "The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the structures of the church. This group at Bethany led by Sister Donna Brady, CSM, called the "Gathering of the Wisdom" clearly made it known their desire to take over the Church, rewrite Canon Law and even rewrite the Bible. When other members of the group found out who I was and what I was doing there, they spoke up and said to the group that they "have a mole in the group" in front of everyone. They were not very nice about either! The Pope needs to do something. Long live the Pope and God bless the Roman Catholic church."

A little web search reveals a dormant blog with a few posts.

Oh Martha, Martha as Jesus would say. We can ask, "what happened to the Sisters of St. Martha?

The tactics these Sisters used against the good man at this meeting were right out of Alinsky.

The good news is that biology will fix this; the bad news is there may not be many Catholics left in Antigonish to pick up the pieces.

Is this what they want?

My Catholic brothers and sisters of Antigonish; how much more will you take?

Is there more than a handful there who actually have the faith?


Barona said...

This entire affair is causing me to think of the "clean-up" at the diocese following on the abomination of the Lahey crimes... when a new bishop takes over - watch the administration - if it remains pretty much the same, things will remain -- well, pretty much the same.

This also causes one to think back to what was going on in the diocese during Lahey's criminal reign as bishop. Certainly he hid his crimes from all, but he could not hide his trips and the wasting of money due to same. Has the Chancery been changes? A full house cleaning (perhaps it was done) is the only way to more forward following the occupation of the bishop's throne by a mercenary Judas.

Anonymous said...

The Sisters of St. Martha appear to be Catholic in name only. Yesterday, for International Women's Day, they posted a link on their Facebook page for the new CFB documentary Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada:

This film was shown in New Brunswick as a fundraiser for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada:

Unknown said...

Well it looks like we just seen this same type of meeting take place in Rome during the synod of Family.