Sunday, 11 November 2012

Asperges me; as long as it's not from plastic

On many occasions, this writer takes a pretty critical view of the actions or lack thereof of some of our bishops and priests in Canada, the posts most previous to this are an example. The "outing" of these errors and the damage they do to the Catholic Church in Canada has never been more necessary and for that no apologies are given. The title references the Archbishop of Winnipeg's disdain for water sold in plastic bottles. But, it behooves me then to ensure that when a bishop does something notable and positive and hopeful that it is also expressed and to his credit, the Archbishop has fulfilled his obligations under Summorum Pontificum and there is now, one Sunday Mass in Winnipeg in the Extraordinary Form. More will come in time, there is no stopping it.

There is a picture at the bottom of this post of a web page article by Father Jeff Burwell, S.J., the Parochial Vicor at St. Paul the Apostle--St. Ann's Parishes. Father Burwell is the priest who now celebrates the Extraordinary Form of the  Roman Rite for the people of Winnipeg. He is also a Faculty Member at the  Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies at. St. Paul's College at the University of Manitoba.

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish
While this is good news itself, the real good news, thankful news, hopeful news is that this article appears on the web page of the St. Catharine's Diocese and it is on the section under vocations.
Anne Roche Muggeridge
The Diocese of St. Catharine's is blest to have the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter which now, thanks to Bishop Bergie, has an erected "Personal Parish" at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic Church. This community grew directly out of the work of the late Anne Roche Muggeridge author of The Gates of Hell and The Desolate City. Those books stimulated this writer 25 years ago. When her husband John Muggeridge, son of Malcolm Muggeridge passed away, the Cardinal in Toronto had to be "asked" for an indult to have Solemn Requiem in the Ancient Rite, which held at the Oratory. He "agreed" then to allowing the same for Anne when the time came. Thanks to the power of God and the law of Pope Benedict XVI, Anne lived long enough to not need an "indult" and her funeral was celebrated as well, at the Toronto Oratory. I recall a story she told as told to me by her first cousin, a priest; Anne was praying her heart out before the Blessed Sacrament about all the liturgical abuses and horrors that she was witnessing, she said, "Lord, how am I to stand it" and the answer was, "If I have to put up with it, so do you!"

Bishop Bergie of St. Catharine's
When the history of the restoration of the Catholic faith in Canada is written, the name Anne Roche Muggeridge will be a the very top. I had the opportunity to meet her about a dozen times and a few socially as I sang for a few years at the "indult" Mass in Hamilton over twenty years ago and met her there.
 The bishops of St. Catharine's were never left alone by this courageous woman. She did not let them push her around or the faithful. Now, Bishop Bergie, who came after her passing to eternity, has provided even more for the needs of his people. A "personal parish'' for the Fraternity where he, himself, has been to celebrate the Old Rite.
May God give eternal rest to Anne Roche Muggeridge and may he abundantly bless Bishop Bergie and Archbishop Weisgerber.

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Barona said...

Anne Roche Muggeridge was a great Catholic. her The Desolate City documents, amongst other things, the evil that Gregory Baum inflicted on the Church in Canada.