Friday, 25 March 2011

Pay no attention...

"We've had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with a thousand tongues. I see that the world is rotten because of silence."~St. Catherine of Sienna~

"Indeed the true friends of the people are neither the revolutionaries nor innovators, they are the traditionalist."~
St. Pius X~

Well, I've been told off.

I am not a "bishop" and I do not have any "theological formation." My "keyboard and monitor do not make me a liturgist!" I am a "victim" and my "vision of the Church will not help (me) to grow." I need to "get the chip off (my) shoulder." I'm told that I "follow the crowd." I am asked a rhetorical question and given a psychological diagnosis because "what is really eating away at (me) regarding the liturgy(?)" obviously "says much about (me)." Further, I am accused of "hiding behind the rubrics of liturgy" and have been lumped in with the "Father Corapis, Euteneuers and the Voris' " of the world (all of whom I expect are lesser sinners than this wretched sinner). The saddest slur is the "sure" accusation that I "would have difficulty with her (Our Lady's) response to the angel, and her Son’s response to the sinners with whom he kept company."

Not bad for a week's insult, keep them coming, I need the humility especially when it comes from someone in a collar.

Nowhere on what some consider to be this now "less than innocent blog" will you find me professing to be a theologian or a liturgist. I'm just a regular Catholic guy. I've never professed to be anything more than that. These accusations and insults are such typical, liberal elitist tactics. Not once, in this ranting series of emails, was there ever a debate. No argument, no debate; only petty little school yard insults and ad hominem attacks in so typical a manner as experienced by other hard working and faithful Catholics who speak out on the conditions in the Church and culture.

On the same day that these putrid, judgmental and scandalous emails to this Catholic layman arrived a different tone was put forth on the writer's own blog. Some have been fortunate enough and privileged enough to have the opportunity to have invested years in these studies in places like Rome or even Jerusalem. That is wonderful and good, but they think, therefore, that only they have a right to comment, the right to an opinion; the rest of us have no rights. Yet, these are some of the same theologians and liturgists who have torn down the faith and set in place the destruction of the Catholic culture and faith. I don't need to prove that last sentence, just look around you; you know it to be true. They want diversity, only when it suits them. They want dialogue but only when it is what they wish to dialogue about. They have run amok in the Church and the jig is up and they know it.

God gave me and He gave you a brain. Through the ingenuity of man, He gave us the Internet and the ability to be educated and aware of the truth in ways we were never able to do just a few short years ago. Do you think that our parents and grandparents would have stood by and allowed them to tear down the Church and Her liturgy nearly a half century ago if they knew the truth? These so-called "professional liturgists" and "theologians" were liars. They lied about what the Council said and our parents, in their intelligent ignorance, God bless them, believed it. It is this same clericalism and elitism that perpetuated the crisis of sexual and physical abuse and the cover-up by certain bishops. Then when it happens to a high profile cleric they like, they wax on about how hard it is to understand because he was known to be so "kind" and to be even such a "gentle pastor" and that they were particularly "sensitive" to the needs of victims. Of course, when it is one they don't like (as to the allegations against the two above) it is a different story; no sympathy there, right?

It seems to me that these elitists who are losing their power and influence are at heart, fascists!

They are the all-knowing and all-powerful Oz in clerical collars. They simply can't stand it when we think for ourselves. They profess to know what is best for "John and Mary Catholic," as they like to refer to us simple folk, and they profess to want us to be educated. When we question what they say or what they do they challenge our right to do so because we are not "theologically formed" and that we are not "professional liturgists." They only want us to speak out if it supports their world view. They publicly profess to detest clericalism but yet they are the greatest of clericalists. They insult an honest and genuine open-hand of understanding and an offer to reason over food and wine. They refuse to take up the debate but instead issue little snippets of cruel sarcasm and insult and psychological analysis for which they are unqualified and which is unbecoming of their state in life.

Some will say, that these words are too harsh, not loving, not charitable, not in a manner of what Jesus would say or do or expect. Well, the Jesus of Nazareth whom I know was not a wimp and he was not a liar. He made a whip out of cords and beat those who would defile the Temple and he overturned their tables. He called the pharisees "hypocrites" and referred to them as a "brood of vipers." He came not to bring "peace but a sword" and to set one against another. He expects each of us to love His Church and to stand up for Her and to speak out to defend Her, even from those within. The lukewarm He will "vomit" out of His mouth. Perhaps it was the 600 plus John and Mary Catholics in Kitchener last Saturday; maybe that is what has them so riled up. They have seen the future and it is not a future based on their failed praxis.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can be accused of "following the crowd" in these parts. What crowd do they mean exactly?

They must have meant following a crowd other than the particular crowd of which they approve. Too bad so sad for them I say..............

JP said...

Well Vox

You know you're probably doing something correctly when "they" start getting uncomfortable.

Ignore the man behind the curtain...

Anonymous said...

These attacks, as you describe them, are petty and hysterical. Seems like the product of an immature mind. Whoever this cleric is I pity anyone who has to work with or for him.

Anonymous said...

Because of his position, many have to listen to him, that's the issue.
Good point by Voris , and by David.
Just because you wear a collar, does not entitle anyone to "Lord it over " anyone.
If certain 'Bishops were doing their work, the laity would not have to bring forth some of the issues. Well said. ! Good blog