Monday, 21 March 2011

George Wass, Requiescat in pace

George Wass is dead.

UPDATE: An autopsy has been performed and the cause of death has been declared "blunt force trauma." George was murdered!

died today (March 21, 2011) no doubt succumbing from the stress of his injuries as a result of a brutal beating last Friday morning whilst he was having a cigarette on the porch of the home in which he lived with others suffering from various developmental or mental health problems.

George was one of the regular characters in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood and friends, he was a regular at
The Oratory Church of the Holy Family. He was loved by all and held in great affection; him and Karen. How many days I would arrive before Saturday morning Mass and George and Karen would be seated beside the garden catching the early morning sun. George would come into Church and stay for a moment, wave and smile to everyone. He loved the children from the "T" family and the boys always showed him kindness and respect so ingrained in them by their parents. George would go to movies with the Brother from The Oratory and Father D.U. will no doubt take this particularly hard; people would hand him their change; he always had boots and coats and people around the Oratory cared about him and loved him.

George was 62 and lived a hard life suffering from developmental disability probably more than mental illness and he had the capacity of a young boy. I did not know much about George but he was a lovable character and he often cried.

His dad passed away about two years ago and he wept quite a bit after that.

He was like a little boy at times; maybe 8 or 10 and he was alone except for Karen, his best friend whom he was rarely without. He cried wanting his father after he passed away. The Toronto Star today says that he called the cook at the home his "mother" because he wanted someone to be his new mother after she died.

George would cry at times and was afraid saying "he's going to beat me up!"

Somebody did.

Somebody murdered him.

The hospital released him; should he not have been kept for observation?

O LORD, Father of heaven and earth, have mercy on the soul of George Wass and welcome him into the bright palace washed in the blood of Christ; may he enjoy forever the peace and love of you O heavenly Father so denied him in this world. May the soul of our friend George Wass and those of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace, Amen.

And may the LORD have mercy on his murderer!


Barbara said...

RIP I did not know he was afraid and had been threatened. This is senseless.

Smiley said...

I remember once sitting with George down in the church basement coffee place and he was crying about how he missed his dad. I will miss seeing him around Holy Family.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Eternal memory!