Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Jean Charest, Herod and the Holy Innocents

On this Fourth Day of Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Innocents let us look at some news from Quebec in blood red for the day and the people behind it.

Jean Charest, the Quebec Premier, has implemented a policy that if a government-funded day-care centre (sorry, child-care, it is children being looked after, not days) puts up a manger, they must not "identify" those in the manger as Jesus, Mary or Joseph nor must they sing CHRISTMAS carols, but Bing Crosby ballads not mentioning Christ are apparently okay.

Have you ever heard anything so dumb?

In 1987, when a young brash Conservative (I was never a Progressive Conservative and thankfully that moniker on the party's name is now gone) I was a Special Assistant to Jean Charest. He would joke then to me, "remember David, if someone shoots your job is to jump in fron to the bullet." Having only practiced law for a couple of year before winning a fluke election in his home town of Sherbrooke which saw Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives win 210 seats in the Canadian Parliament, many never held since Confederation in 1867; his main claim-to-fame was being the youngest Cabinet Minister in Canadian history. Not that that actually meant anything as he had no actual department and he was Minister of State (Youth) meaning it was all fluff. Fluff is what Mulroney, the Prime Minister did whenever some group yelled loud enough. Thus he had Ministers of State for (Women), (Seniors), well you get the picture. Forty Cabinet Ministers and good old Jean boy was one of them. Since then, Charest went on to become leader of that same party with only two seats before moving on to become a Liberal and Premier of Quebec. He still has done nothing but be a professional politician.

The taxpayers of once Catholic Quebec under Charest, employ a Minister of Families clearly, not the Holy Family (even though the actual Solemnity on the universal calendar began in Quebec under Blessed Francoise de Laval, the Pope's legate to Canada and where a university named in his honour has educated so many in Quebec City.

This 5-watt bulb of a cabinet minister is quoted, "I want the young Quebecers who attend our daycare services to do so in a spirit of openness to others and diversity...The line is drawn when a daycare centre teaches about the birth of Jesus, who is Mary, who is Joseph."

Jean Charest's claim-to-fame was being the youngest Cabinet Minister in Canadian history.
Now, it is his presiding over the last nail in the coffin of Catholic Culture which is Quebec Culture. What's next Jean, are you going to change St. Jean Baptiste Day? Oh, my bad, that's already happened; its now called, Fete National. So what will be the fate of Quebec?

I tell you personally, he may have been a "star" then, though I never really thought so, but he's a bloody coward now. Back then, his main job was to travel around the country under my management and hand out taxpayer cheques and grants, cut ribbons and attend political fund-raisers on the taxpayer. In a bid to clear his conscience and confess to the Canadian taxpayer, a former staffer allegedly provided information to the now defunct FRANK Magazine highlighting some of the more egregious travel funds by Charest and other Staff.

Here is
Jean's Facebook, send my old boss a message!

Here is the
National Post story and the Globe & Mail where Lysiane Gagnon writes, "This is a textbook case of going from one extreme to another. For decades, the Quebec government slept in the same bed of the Roman Catholic Church. Nowadays, its secularist agenda is so radical it applies to three-year old kids."

Remember also that this Premier and his party stood with all member of the Quebec provincial legislature (As a Canadian, I will not call it the National Assembly) and proclaimed that abortion was an "inalienable right" of women in Quebec in response to a talk by Marc Cardinal Ouellet whilst still Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada.

Happy Holy Innocents Day Jean. Your following in the footsteps of another political leader who also did such wonderful things for little children and is forever remembered for it.

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