Wednesday, 31 March 2010



Let us remember over this Sacred Triduum which we enter into tomorrow that the Evil One is at this very moment using his great but limited power to attempt to tear asunder the Church of Christ Catholic and the Vicar of Christ.

Satan and his minions want the Church and the Pope destroyed because they are the only moral force left in the world, notwithstanding the grievous sins of many of its lay and clerical and episcopal members.

May all of us have a prayerful and holy and blessed Triduum with the bright light of Pascal Sunday on a few days away.

Vox Cantoris

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Pablo the Mexican said...

It was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre that held fast to Tradition, giving the Holy Father a solid base for returning the True Mass.

Please remember him and the men that talked him into creating the Society of Saint Pius X.

May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.